How electronic signatures positively impact your company’s footprint on our environment.

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Organizations are incorporating sustainability within their mission statement more than ever before. Many companies embrace contributing to our environment within their daily business and one of the means to do so is by implementing new ways of working. It even becomes a double win when choosing for eco-friendly solutions also results in time- and costs savings.

Driven by also other circumstances such as the COVID-19 crisis, organizations are digitizing their processes at high speed. One of the most convenient processes to digitize is signing documents. Not only allows it to sign documents remotely, it also comes with a great positive impact on our environment and sustainability in general.


1. Signing remotely, no need to travel

Being able to sign documents electronically eliminates the need to travel. Signing can be done remotely, at any place in the world by simply using your computer or mobile phone. No business trips required which results in a positive impact on our environment, but also time- and cost savings and a much more pragmatic approach for doing business in general.


2. Signing electronically, no need for paper documents

Besides not having to travel for placing handwritten signatures, electronic signing also contributes to a paperless office. No need for printing, copying, scanning or physically archiving your signed contracts anymore as the entire process will be digitized. Your company’s footprint on our environment will be reduced as from day one you start using electronic signatures. It leads to less usage of paper, preserving our woods and your company’s CO2 emission will be lowered as from the first electronic signature.


3. Signing electronically, no need for physical archiving

In many cases, documents to be signed can be uploaded within the electronic signatures tool for electronic signing and subsequently be stored within your companies document management system. The entire process is automated, meaning the risk of human error throughout the signing process is less.
Some signing tools even offer the possibility to store and archive those documents in a secure and safe way by incorporating an archiving component within their signing solutions. Having not to print these documents (often in multiple copies), drastically reduces the amount of paper used in your offices. Additionally, documents are available online at any time and accessible from anywhere.


4. Connective, a company having sustainability in its DNA

At Connective we attach great importance to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

  • All our solutions are designed to digitize paper driven processes.
  • During the COVID-19 crisis we assisted healthcare institutions pro bono to enable them continue their business as safe as possible.
  • We have our own Code of Conduct on Corporate Social Responsibility to comply with when doing business.
  • Connective is audited on Corporate Social Responsibility by EcoVadis on a yearly basis.
  • Connective eSignatures connects with third party archiving solutions such as Doccle, Zefort and WiDO Coffre, making it possible to digitally archive signed documents in a safe and user friendly way.
  • Connective used its own digital tools (eSignatures, Smart Documents & Identity Hub) to support the employees in working from home.


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