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Create smart documents & sign them digitally in the Talentsoft Hub

Streamline your HR processes and optimize your productivity thanks to the integration of Connective Smart Documents & eSignatures in Talentsoft Hub. Create and sign HR documents through an unparalleled digital experience within your favorite HR tool: the Talentsoft Hub.

Talentsoft Integration Connective

See it in action

Generate your contracts, send them out for a digital signature and store them
all in one unified HR solution.

Get your work done faster with powerful features

Digitise your entire HR cycle from daily admin until talent management within the Talentsoft Hub.

prepare documents

Smart Document generation

From employee verification letters, appraisals, contractor agreements to non-disclosure agreements,… use the Connective Smart Documents integration in the Talentsoft Hub to generate your documents automatically based upon the corresponding HR data.

Follow up 3

Easy follow-up

Follow up on the signature process and status of your (to be) signed documents in a blink of an eye and send out reminders when and where needed. Once signed, you can directly retrieve the signed document in your Talentsoft Hub


Wide range of signing methods

Within the Talentsoft Hub you can choose from a vast selection of signing methods, including a wide range of eID-schemes that are compliant with the strongest regulations. Including: Manually drawn signatures, Biometric signatures, SMS OTP, Mail OTP, .beID, iDIN, itsme®, Norwegian Bank ID, Swedish Bank ID,…

Legally compliant

The Connective eSignatures solution in the Talentsoft Hub is not only eIDAS and ETSI compliant, but as well fully aligned with the UETA & ESIGN act regulation.

1 central place

All your signed documents will automatically be gathered in one central place: your favorite HR tool: the Talentsoft Hub

Signing order

Sequential and Parallel signing

Enable signers to sign documents one by one in a specified order (sequential) or in a random order (parallel). Don´t worry we also support complex signing sequences (complex)!

Start using Smart Documents and eSignatures for the Talentsoft Hub today.

And get your documents signed in no time!