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Signing a document is a crucial step in forming the contract for a project. To facilitate this approach and enable it to be done face-to-face, online or remotely, signing a PDF is a quick and secure solution that responds to the booming digitalisation and dematerialisation of and documents and exchanges.

Definition of the PDF digital signature

Digitally signing a PDF file is a simple solution to approve a document. It meets various requirements that guarantee its reliability and security.

What does it mean to sign a PDF digitally?

A digital signature on a PDF is based on the same principle as a handwritten signature. It has the same legal value. It enables signatories to add their signature to a PDF document while guaranteeing the integrity and authenticity of the digital document’s content.

How the PDF e-signature works

PDF files are the most secure digital documents. They can be read using different PDF reading tools. The most well-known PDF reader in France and Europe is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, but there are other tools available online, either free of charge or for a fee.

How does it work?

Signing a PDF file digitally is therefore a secure solution, which can be done simply in a few quick steps:


Upload the PDF file to be signed in the Connective eSignatures tool.


Send the document to the different signatories. Each recipient receives a link by email directing them to the PDF signing page.


The signatory gives their consent by ticking the box for this purpose.


The signatory then authenticates themselves by entering the secret code received by text message and the PDF signature is validated.

Following these steps, the signed document is available in the client space, or sent by email. Furthermore, each signatory receives a named digital signature certificate (DSC) that identifies them and guarantees the integrity of the document signed.

The specific features of PDF digital signatures

A digital signature on a PDF file must meet certain requirements to observe French, European or international standards.

Data protection


The signatory must be identified precisely


Reproduction must be completely impossible


The electronic signature is only valid once and must be unique for each PDF document



After signing, it cannot be changed


The signatory cannot deny that they have signed

Fast, secure and completely legal, signing a PDF digitally facilitates work and professional exchanges on a daily basis. Connective offers a PDF digital signature solution to ensure that your contracts are signed securely and efficiently.

Why use digital signing for your PDF files?

Although handwritten signatures have always proven reliable up until now, we cannot fail to recognise that digital signatures have many advantages, both for the company and the signatories.

Perfectly secure exchanges

We often wrongly think that handwritten signatures are more reliable than digital signatures. Yet a document signed by hand may be damaged or get lost, and the signature can be falsified, modified, removed, etc.

With data encryption, e-signatures offer an ultra-secure system, supported by signature certificates. In this way, any attempt to alter them is immediately identified and generates an alert message. The protection of digital signatures is therefore optimal.

Faster contract signing

A handwritten signature requires being able to meet in person, or send documents by post, then return them quickly after signing. Digital signing enables you to initial and sign a PDF as soon as possible and therefore saves a considerable amount of time. This solution is all the more convenient for signatures from people based abroad, or for many signatories located at the far reaches of the globe.

Digitalising your PDF files

Now, thanks to digital signing, you’re no longer weighed down by many paper documents. You just need an internet connection to be able to access PDF files from a mobile, computer or tablet. They are then stored in the client space, facilitating dematerialisation and companies’ eco-responsible approaches.

A more economical signature

Signing PDFs digitally means no documents need to be printed, and it also enables you to save money. E-signatures limit the costs involved in printing and the energy consumption from computer devices, as well as sending by post and archiving.

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