Signing a quote digitally

Signing a quote digitally is a crucial step that determines the rest of a sale. The quicker it is, the more chances the contract has of succeeding. Using a digital signature for quotes is therefore a beneficial solution for salespeople who want to accelerate sales processes and increase the conversion rate.

What is signing a quote digitally?

Digital signing is a paperless action that enables you to sign any document online. Used in France by many professionals and private individuals to sign official deeds, a digital signature has five features:

Signing a quote digitally: is it legal?

A digital signature has the same legal value as a written signature. In this way, in the event of a dispute, it is admissible and irrefutable proof. Signing a quote online is therefore perfectly legal and is regarded as consent from the different signatories.

To ensure perfect compliance, Connective solutions offer guarantees such as:

Why have a quote signed with a digital signature?

Signing a quote digitally is a simple and fast way to make a contract legal that has many advantages, both for the client and the company.

Considerable time saved

Previously, for a client to sign a quote, several steps were necessary: drawing up the quote, printing it and making an appointment, or perhaps sending it by email or post.
Today, these time-consuming steps are no longer required thanks to digital signatures.
You now just need to draw up the quote online then send it to the various parties using dedicated software. After signing, the quote is automatically approved and enables you to move to the next step of the sales process.

Better productivity

Whatever your job, drafting and signing quotes are time-consuming tasks that can be optimised so you may concentrate on more profitable actions such as prospecting or even production or works. Managing quotes by digital signature is a way to accelerate and simplify the process and thereby gain productivity.

More secure transactions

When you think about it, handwritten signatures are much less secure than digital signatures. A paper document may get lost, or even be used fraudulently, while a digital signature is secure. A PDF document signed digitally has a
digital fingerprint
that offers flawless traceability and authenticity. Encrypted data guarantees the security of the document which cannot be either edited or deleted.

A better conversion rate

Sometimes, the time between the request for a quote and receipt of the quote is long enough to dissuade prospective customers. An online quote therefore results in a lower abandonment rate, because it meets needs as soon as possible.
Thanks to digital quote signing
, companies offer a positive image to customers, responsiveness and dynamism, which may set them apart from the competition.

To assist you in your efforts, Connective offers a reliable and secure electronic signature solution for sales quotes.

Signing a quote with an e-signature: how does it work?

Signing a quote digitally is a very simple process in only a few steps on a computer, tablet or mobile:

Signing a quote is a vital step that must not be left to chance. To improve your odds of success, Connective offers a fast and reliable digital quote signing solution.

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