Streamline your marketing efforts & agreements by going digital

Connective eSignatures & Smart Documents
for the marketing department

Ban paper in signing your marketing deals

Every marketing department knows that one of the key elements of their work is setting up & signing agreements with other parties, whether it concerns sponsorship contracts, agreements with your creative agency or other documents. With Connective, you’ll be able to streamline and facilitate those processes, reducing your efforts and skyrocketing your effectiveness.

Reduce time & effort

No more need for printing and scanning documents. Increase efficiency and productivity. 

Follow up 3

Easy Follow up

Track the status of a document through the approval chain in a blink of an eye and send automatic reminders. 

Brand your environment

Brand your own Connective eSignatures environment with your company colors and logo to match your brand identity.

Legally binding-3

Legally compliant

Connective meets and exceeds some of the most stringent US, EU, and global security standards: GDPR, eIDAS, UETA Act, e-Sign Act.

Digitise your daily manual and time consuming tasks

Integrated into your favorite marketing tools


Send an invitation to any of your Salesforce contacts and let them sign any document digitally using Connective eSignatures.

PowerAutomate (Microsoft)

Manage, optimize and sign all your contracts digitally in one centralized contracting solution.

PDF Butler

Design & configure various documents so these can be automated, personalized , branded and sent out for digital signing.

From paper documents to all-digital marketing documents

Smart Documents - Sketch overview

Smart Documents

Easily create templates and generate personalized documents in minutes

Streamline your administrative marketing processes and optimize your productivity with Connective Smart Documents & eSignatures.


Digitally sign your Marketing documents

Agreements, sponsor contracts, media buying offers, contract addenda,… the pile of paperwork that need to be signed is enormous. Streamline the signing process with Connective eSignatures. Sign any document or package of documents digitally, send automatic reminders, recall digitized paperwork,… 

Sign mediabuy Contract - Connective

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