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Close real estate deals in minutes instead of days

Minimize time from lead to close

Simplify your mortgage and real estate transactions. Make it easier, faster and more intuitive for sellers, borrowers and buyers to do business thanks to Connective´s Identity Services, Smart Documents and eSignatures for the real estate industry.

Greatly reduce time & cost

Reduce your real estate templates to a minimum and generate any personalised rent, sales or any other type of agreement in just seconds. Keep track in a blink of an eye of what contracts were sent out and do an easy follow-up of all your signed and to be signed documents. You´ll save valuable time and money.

Client happy

Improve customer satisfaction

By offering the possibility to remotely sign documents in a digital way, you provide your real estate clients with the effortless experience that they have become used to while increasing their overall satisfaction with your services.

Favorite device

Use any device

Want to sign a renting agreement, sales contract or any other type of real estate document? Regardless where you or your client are, the deal will be concluded in no time. Smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablet. Any device can be used to place a digital signature!

Replace paper transactions by an end-to-end digital journey

Immoweb Digital Signatures

Immoweb launches digital, legally valid lease agreements using Connective’s eSignatures solution

Immoweb, Belgium’s leading real estate website, incorporated Connective’s eSignatures solution in its new smart Immoweb Docs. As from now landlords can easily set up a customised lease agreement by filling out all details on the property and agreed arrangements. Last step is for both landlord and tenant to sign the document using the qualified itsme® signature. This makes it legally valid within Belgium.

Integrated into your real estate tools

Besides offering Connectives solutions as a stand alone platform, we also partner up with many 3rd party solutions. Our solutions are implemented within more extensive platforms which can assist you to innovate your business even more.



Sign any type of real estate documents (inventory of fixtures, interventions…) with Connective eSignatures and Aareon.


Hiring and rental contracts signed in no time with Connective eSignatures and Rentio, the smartest app to rent or hire property.


The perfect tool for real estate brokers to onboard new customers & sign rental agreements digitally.

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Offer your customers a user-friendly way for digitally signing all types of documents to avoid losing time and using paper. Compliant with all rules and regulations (eIDAS, UETA, eSIGN).

Identity Hub

Easily verify who’s on the other side of the deal. Identify your customers with the most versatile & trustworthy solution for digital identification. It’s all about trust.

Smart Documents

Design, manage and personalize all your business documents in one central platform that doesn’t require any programming. A flexible, efficient and cost-effective all-in-one solution.

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