Cut contract cycle times & speed up purchases with Connective

Connective eSignatures, Smart Documents
& Identity solutions for the procurement department

Drive down costs & improve operational efficiency by automating your procurement process

Minimize risk

Reduce risk by tracking your documents in real time and automatically storing the secure and  signed documents into your back-end systems. 

Onboard faster

Getting vendors and suppliers to onboard quickly is critical for your business services. Onboard your vendors with our Identity Solutions and complete sign off RFPs, quotes, NDAs, contracts in no time with Connective eSignatures.

Reduce errors

Gain control & insight into supplier agreements by managing them from one place. Integrate data from your existing vendor systems & send any document for e-signature with a few clicks.

Cut contract cycle times

Speed up approvals and reduce delays by sending documents for a digital signature. Your suppliers can simply sign and return their approvals in minutes, instead of hours or days. Flawless integration into back-end systems will also result in less to none data entry errors.

Digitise your daily manual and time consuming tasks

Integrated into your favorite procurement tools

Besides offering Connective eSignatures as a stand alone solution, we also partner up with many 3rd party solutions. Get new suppliers onboard in record time by integrating Connective’s eSignatures solution in your existing business systems.


Send an invitation to any of your Salesforce contacts and let them sign any document digitally using Connective eSignatures.

PowerAutomate (Microsoft)

Call upon Connective eSignatures from SharePoint or any other Office365 tool to streamline your document workflows. Get agreements signed instantly from your favorite application.


Streamline agreement workflows within SAP products like Ariba by integrating with Connective eSignatures. Centralize follow- up, tracking and storage.

Manage any procurement document digitally

Every stage in the procurement process relies heavily on detailed documentation and approval. From initial purchase inquiry and requests for quotations, to elaborative bids, contracts and purchase orders– each step of the procurement process requires documents to be negotiated, approved and signed.

With Connective eSignatures, procurement staff can send, track and get documents signed easily from anywhere. Even if managers are working remotely, the approval or signature process won’t be held up, as documents can be signed in a fully digital way.

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