Digitale handtekeningen voor Salesforce

Use eIDAS compliant digital signatures directly from Salesforce

Send an invitation to any of your Salesforce contacts and let them sign any document digitally using Connective eSignatures. Easy, intuitive and eIDAS compliant! Digital signatures for salesforce are now available in the App source.

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Digitale handtekeningen voor Salesforce

A unified signature flow, all in your favorite CRM

Transform the signing process of sales offers, contracts, invoices, NDA´s and other documents into an unparalleled digital user experience all within your favorite CRM system. Identify yourself and your customers within a few clicks and get your contracts signed any time any place on the device of your choice, using various signature methods, even with European electronic identity (eID) cards such as the Belgian eID card, itsme®, iDIN and more.

Digital Signatures for Salesforce, Digitale handtekeningen voor Salesforce
Password Digital signatures, digital signature salesforce

Select the signature of your choice

Connective offers you a vast selection of signing methods, including a wide range of European eID-schemes that are compliant with the eIDAS Regulation. Choose between Simple or Basic (SES), Advanced (AES) and Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES).

Manual Signatures
Signatures électroniques depuis Salesforce

Maintain the ceremonial aspect of ‘wet’ physical signatures while signing your documents digitally
Digital Signatures for Salesforce  Manually drawn signatures
Digital Signatures for Salesforce  Biometric signing

One Time Password (OTP)
Signatures électroniques depuis Salesforce

Authenticate any signer by sending a password or code upon signing time which enables her/him to sign.
Digital Signatures for Salesforce  SMS OTP
Digital Signatures for Salesforce  Mail OTP

Verified Identity
Signatures électroniques depuis Salesforce

Verified Identity signatures can be basic, advanced (AES) or qualified (QES) depending on the identity scheme.
Digital Signatures for Salesforce  ID Schemes: eg. beID, Itsme®, iDIN
Digital Signatures for Salesforce  Other certificates

This is what you´ll get

Digital Signatures for Salesforce, digitale handtekeningen voor Talentsoft

Never leave Salesforce to sign and get your documents signed.

Your favorite device

Your smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablet. Pick your favorite to conclude the signature!

Unique User Experience

No need to be an expert! The self-explanatory wizards will guide your way through the solution.

Anywhere, anytime

Complete any transaction, anywhere on location or even remote at anytime.

Time-savings 2
Save time and money

Increase productivity, organize your sales more efficiently, reduce document handling costs and shorten business cycles drastically.

eIDAS compliant
eIDAS, UETA & ESIGN Act compliant

The Connective eSignatures solution in Salesforce is not only eIDAS and ETSI compliant, but as well fully aligned with the UETA & ESIGN Act regulation. 

Start using digital signatures
for Salesforce today

And get your contracts signed in no time!