eIDAS compliant and user friendly digital signatures for Salesforce

Send an invitation to any of your Salesforce contacts and let them sign any document digitally using Connective eSignatures. Easy, intuitive and eIDAS compliant! Digital signatures for salesforce are now available in the App source. Transform the signing process of sales offers, contracts, invoices, NDA´s and other documents into an unparalleled digital user experience all within your favorite CRM system.

A unified signature flow, all in your favorite CRM

Increase productivity, organize your sales more efficiently, reduce document handling costs and shorten business cycles drastically.

All in one

With eSignatures for Salesforce you will never have to leave Salesforce to sign and get your documents signed. Start from an existing prospect or customer, prepare a document and send them an invitation to digitally sign the document. Afterwards archive the signed documents into your preferred Salesforce library. 


Close deals quicker with Connective's digital signatures for Salesforce

Connective eSignatures for Salesforce is the most user-friendly way to send, sign, track and store your business documents digitally without having to leave Salesforce.

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Simple, advanced, qualified electronic signatures. Connective's digital signatures for Salesforce has it all.

Make use of international signing methods like the Belgian .eID, Suisse ID and many other electronic identity cards. Or sign with a local digital identity initiative such as itsme, NemID, Swedish BankID,..

Or maintain the ceremonial aspect of ‘wet’ physical signatures while signing your documents digitally with a Manual or biometric signature. Or authenticate a signer by sending a password or code to a signer which enables her/him to sign with our SMS or Mail One Time Password signing methods.

Your favorite device

Your smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablet. Pick your favorite to conclude the signature!

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The key features in a row

Start using digital signatures for Salesforce today.

And get your contracts signed in no time!