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Basic Navigation

With Connective eSignatures we offer you the most intuitive and secure platform to sign your documents digitally. In this video you will learn how to:

  Follow up on your signing status of your documents
  Send reminders to signers
  Download signed documents

How to prepare a document for digital signing

Learn how to upload a document, create signing fields, define the signing order, add signers, choose signing methods, add a legal notice and add receivers.

How to sign documents with SMS OTP

Discover how easy it is to sign your documents on your smartphone. An SMS text message will be sent to the signer with a one-time password (OTP). This password is used to sign the document and links the identity of the signer to the document by using the mobile phone number.

How to sign documents Face to Face

If you are meeting in person with someone, you can choose to sign face to face to speed up and simplify the signing process. In this case you go through the documents together, initiate the signing session and guide them through the process. In this video we explain how this works.