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Join Connective’s partner ecosystem. From Integration Partner, over Lead Generation to Value Added Reseller, our partner program provides a range of opportunities that can be customized to fit your business model. We will help you deliver efficient solutions and gain an edge in your market with training and support every step of the way. All our partners are provided with (pre-)sales and marketing support, training, technical onboarding & enablement, and top notch support. Sign up and become a Connective evangelist.

Partner benefits

Integration Partner

Deliver consulting, integration and managed services with Connective solutions

Connective and the integration partner work jointly on projects. We deliver the required software and foresee training for our integration partner. The integration partner can fully focus on its core business being all consulting and implementation work around the project.

Lead Generation Partner

Working together to increase our business potential

Connective and the partner, go into a lead generation partnership, where qualified leads can be exchanged. Next to the integration works if applicable, the partner receives a lead generation fee after successfully referring our Connective software to third-party contacts.

Value Added Reseller

Offer the best of both worlds

The VAR partner can integrate the Connective products in its own products, can resell or can fully white label the Connective products to sell a broader license and service portfolio to their customers. Next to the integration works, the partner receives a solid margin on the Connective products so that they can offer a competitive pricing to the market.

Become a Connective partner and let´s boost digital transformation together

Boost revenue

Connective offers a market competitive margin to its partners helping to lift your overall profits.


Implement our solution fully white labeled or make use of our wide range of available integrations and connectors.

Business value

Next to your own services, enhance the business value you offer to several departments including Sales, HR, Legal, Finance, Insurance, …

You win, we win

We’re dedicated to the success of our partners. Connective invests in ongoing education and support for all of our partners.



Integrate Connective eSignatures as your central digital signatures tool

Nothing is more important than a tool that can integrate seamlessly with the software that you use on a daily basis! Transform your business with out-of-the-box solutions and integrations from our trusted partners. 

Connective eSignatures has been integrated in the most-recognized platforms in the tech industry. 

Connective eSignatures can be easily integrated in any of the tools you use on a daily basis. Check out available integrations here.

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