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Customers moving forward with Connective

Digitize your daily data flows

Today a digital accountant needs to be efficient, proactive and customer-oriented. Our software enables you to be just that. Thanks to our Identity Service solutions, you can identify your customers easily and securely. Our eIDAS-certified electronic signature (eSignatures) gives you the means to sign all relevant documents like board minutes, tax declarations, assignments, etc. This allows you to provide your customers with the user experience they expect.


  Yearly reports of Board of Directors

  Customer information renewals

  Anti-money laundering documents

 Financial & tax statements

 UBO declarations

Digital Insurance
Use your favourite device

Customers can sign multiple documents in one go, anywhere, anytime on their favourite device, thanks to our responsive mobile applications and mobile signing methods. What’s more, documents are presented within a secure environment, You can give your customers the digital experience they want and need.

digital signatures
Stop chasing signatures

Save huge amounts of time digitising your signature processes. Connective eSignatures gives you a clear overview of all the documents that need to be signed. All in a single and clear overview. One click is all it takes to follow up the status of a document and to send your customers reminders. Take control and get documents signed in no time.

client onboarding
Onboard a new customer in seconds

Onboarding a new customer requires loads of information and can absorb serious amounts of time. But thanks to our solutions, you can speed this up dramatically and change the way you look at identity verification. With our Identity Services, you can easily authenticate and identify your customers and control user-access.

Compliant to the core

Connective eSignatures complies with the latest European eIDAS standards and those of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). When a document is signed, eSignatures gives you all the legal proof you need. You don’t need extra software to validate signatures or a third-party audit trail.

“The digital transformation of Acctive BVBA started 3 years ago. Only when we integrated the eSignatures solution of Connective in 2017 were we able to finish the process. Documents are digitally exchanged and when a signature is required, this can be done by tablet or desktop. Connective´s solution met all of our requirements and was quick and easy to integrate.”

Lander Marrannes
Lander MarrannesACCTIVE BVBA

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