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We are proud to present our clients with an end-to-end digital HR solution. Thanks to the integration of the Connective eSignatures and Smart Documents solutions HR professionals can use our platform to easily track important documents and speed up employment processes drastically. For both candidates and employees it’s far quicker and easier to complete and return forms.

Mathieu Vanderheyden

Head of product at Talentsoft


Our customers are businesses and public institutions that are security conscious. They need to protect their critical information and assets while still retaining their ability to innovate and grow. Increasing compliance demands from regulators and Europe-wide laws such as the GDPR apply even more pressure. The solutions of Connective are great enablers in that journey. Therefore we decided to employ their solutions for our own security & compliance.

David Vanderoost

CEO at Approach


We´ve implemented the Connective Smart Documents Solution to enable targeted communication to (prospective) clients in a personalized and consistent way. We can be very proud of the results. Each week we send out about ten thousands of documents both via email and direct mail through the solution.

Arie de Vroet

Senior Content Manager at Vattenfall


One of the main reasons for us to choose for Connective is the fact that they are a well-established European party offering digital signature and identification solutions. This makes us not only future proof when we want to expand business across borders, but also guarantees us that we will be able to use additional signing methods in our own country, such as itsme®. Secondly Connective eSignatures highly values GDPR compliancy. As a bonus we don´t need to compromise on user experience.

Anneleen Vander Elstraeten

Managing Partner at Four & Five

Our experience with the Connective Team was excellent. Not only did they support us during the entire deployment process, they also helped us during the change management project that involved the stakeholders of all firms. I recommend Connective because of the usability of the entire solution, but also because of the team that did a great job and closely followed up on the implementation of the eSignatures solution.

Laurent Lebar

Certified Public Accountant and responsible for business strategy at France Défi


We like the fact that with Connective eSignatures we can send out documents to people on remote and still get these signed with an official authenticated signature that has the same validity in court as a wet-ink signature. We chose for Connective because of the high level of document flow security which we did not find in other well known digital signature tools that we compared and investigated.

Thomas Van Dyck

Paralegal / Operations Support Officer at Deparco


Connective and Microsoft share a commitment to guide enterprises and provide them with resources to realize their digital transformation. So we fully believe that by promoting Connective in our Microsoft Technology Centers we can help them to further extend their Electronic Signatures, Identity Services and Digital Documents solutions in order to better meet the customer needs.

Roxanne Auld

Head of Innovation Center – Microsoft France


Since Connective was already well present within the Belgian banking ecosystem and many other industries in terms of identity services and digital signatures, we were instantly convinced that working with them would be the right thing to do.

Kris De Ryck

Former CEO Itsme (BMID)


Despite the rise in popularity of digital documents, printing solutions are often very obsolete. Xerox is now the first company in the world to offer such an innovative solution to sign documents digitally on a printer.

Guillaume Tilleul

CEO of Myworkplatform


The collaboration with Connective is very effective since the beginning, we found the technical savviness we were looking for.

Grégory Noirfalise

 Former Project Lead Switch business at Immoweb


The time, cost and efficiency gains using digital signatures are enormous. We use the Connective tools for this. A reliable partner in this step towards further digitization. 

Karen Braeckmans

CEO Monard Law

Together with our partner Connective, we could easily integrate the eSignatures tool into the ‘Sales Power’ platform. Thanks to an easy and straightforward API of Connective this entire process went very fast and extremely smooth. 

Timothy Manuel

Former CEO at Toyota


7Bulls.com wants to focus on innovative projects, both domestically and abroad. For a long time, manual work was cheaper in Poland which impeded the need for innovation. As this is slowly changing, this is the right time for us to bring smart digital solutions to our clients.

Konrad Wawruch

Board member of 7Bulls.com


Connective and Trust1Team share the same vision on the future of digital identity. We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to help each other to further accelerate our international expansion and become a global leader in online authentication, identification, verification and electronic signatures.

Michallis Pashidis

CEO of Trust1Team


To be able to provide good service to our clients, we expect our partners to do the same and to back us up when needed. We need quick replies and trustworthiness to be able to help our clients timely and adequately in urgent legal situations. Connective delivers service at this level.

Maarten Poulussen

Managing Director of Corporify


Users who deploy Salesforce as a CRM and sales management tool already maintain customer lists, contracts, and products to be sold. Now, generating a quotation is only one click away, and they can instantly send it to their contact who is able to sign it digitally. Once the document is signed, the process is completed. Printing out and scanning paperwork is no longer needed: Connective automatically sends all relevant contract information to Salesforce, and that’s that.

Igor Stuyver

Owner of PDF Butler


With Connective eSignatures we can completely white-label the signing process for our members. This allows us to embed digital signatures as part of a larger flow, resulting in a consistent and pleasant end-to-end customer journey. In fact, we are so excited about this product, we insisted that all BelCham members are offered a discount on subscriptions to Connective eSignatures!

Valerie Van den Keybus

co-CEO at BelCham


We chose Connective ahead of its competitors because its solution offers extensive features for digitally signing and is extremely intuitive in its use thanks to an amazing user interface. At Bovemij, we love to work with great products coming from companies that provide guidance and vision but that can also look at things from our point-of-view. A partnership based on experience, expertise and trust. With Connective, that is most certainly the case.

Arne Wagenaar

 Business Analyst at Bovemij

If I had to summarize our collaboration with Connective and our experience with digital signatures for health care, I would say efficiency, responsiveness and user friendliness for our patients.

Olivier Tarneaud

Manager of Marketing and Digital Strategy
at Ramsay Générale De Santé

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At Argo we actively monitor the legal tech landscape relevant to our offering to swiftly implement any initiative that can benefit our clients and hence, our way of working. Connective eSignatures increases our professionalism and efficiency and its maximum level of security is crucial in taking on this solution, so we can guarantee full reliability towards our clients. The benefits of the Connective electronic signatures solution are becoming more and more important in these times of pandemics, allowing us to organize fully remote signing and closing sessions in the blink of an eye.


Thanks to Connective eSignatures we could modernize our Information Management & ICT infrastructures resulting in a reduction and even elimination of the majority of administrative tasks.

Ronald Tack

Chief of the Antwerp police


European eIDAS Legislation has given electronic signatures a new legal status, which is identical to hand-written signatures. Connective eSignatures is a digital solution that helps us be even more proactive and facilitates close relations with our clients.

Benoit Philippart

Associate Lawyer at La Tour International


Connective eSignatures made the document flow easier, less time consuming and more manageable, both for the real estate agent and their customers. 

Bart Van Der Schueren

Product Owner at Oris NV


We now sign our HR documents when and where it´s convenient with the ease of a smartphone thanks to itsme® Sign. 

Frederic Verkaeren

HR Solution Manager at ENGIE Benelux


Thanks to the integration of eSignatures in the Clearmedia Partner Portal, our partners can conclude a fully digital contract with their customers via this user-friendly and legally valid digital signature solution.




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