Frictionless onboarding with Connective´s Identity Hub

Strong global identification at any given moment with Connective Identity Hub

We offer you the most versatile and trustworthy solution for digital identification of your users, customers and employees. Connective’s identity services are the best way to be sure about the true identity of the person on the other side of the digital channel.


Identity hub and eSignatures combined for a 100% digital customer journey.

American Express offers an end-to-end digital process for acquiring any of their credit cards.

Multiple identity methods, all through one API

We offer a wide range of identification, authentication and authorization methods.

Electronic ID´s & Public initiatives

Connective’s identity services connects with any electronic ID (eIDs) and other public identity initiatives around the world. This way we help you onboard and engage customers, employees, and citizens globally in a most secure and intuitive way.

Bank & Telecom initiatives

Identify your customers, users by letting them use their online bank authentication method they are accustomed to. We offer a wide range of identity schemes that are driven by the telecom and banking sector. 

Video Verification

Document Scanning & Video verification (soon available)

Connective soon provides ID verification through document scanning and video detection. Via AI-powered facial biometrics you can be 100% sure about the identity of the person. This allows you to onboard new customers from anywhere in the world in a secure way. 


Discover the beautiful features our Identity Hub has to offer. We help companies establish an easier way to connect, build digital trust and meet user expectations.​


Compliant and

Our solutions help you comply with the most stringent legal requirements and standards (GDPR, eIDAS, UETA ACT,…) globally.


A global solution
through 1 API

Choose to integrate it into your existing apps and tools to create an end-to-end digital flow for you and your customers. 



Accelerate your time to market by creating a smooth and above all secure verification process. 

From identification to electronic signatures

Apart from online authentication & identification we also offer users the possibility of signing electronic documents with a digital signature. For example, consumers can insure themselves or even buy a car or house online. So, once we’ve proven our identity, the list of services where and how they can be reused is limitless.

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