Sales agreement

Signing the sales agreement digitally

Why sign the sales agreement with a digital signature?

Bringing patient negotiations to fruition, the sales agreement is a legal document that must be signed as soon as possible so that future owners can finally achieve their property project, but also so that the agent can obtain their commission quickly. In actual fact, it’s always difficult to bring together the estate agent, buyer and seller in one place and the administrative formalities may take up to three months before signing the final deed of sale.

In this way, the sooner the sales agreement is signed, the sooner the sale can be completed. And to avoid postponing this moment because the three parties are not available at the same time, signing the sales agreement digitally is a quick, reliable and efficient solution.

The sooner the preliminary sales agreement is signed, the sooner the sale can be concluded

Signing a sales agreement with a digital signature is just as secure and legal as with a handwritten signature and saves a huge amount of time. Unlike the deed of sale, the sales agreement does not need to be signed in the presence of a notary. You can sign it directly at the estate agent’s or remotely.

To assist you in your efforts, Connective offers a reliable and secure electronic signature solution for sales agreements.

The benefits of signing the sales agreement electronically

Although a handwritten signature has always been effective, it is high time to optimize property sales by choosing a digital signature with its many benefits.

Time and money saved

Can’t find a date to meet around a table and sign the sales agreement for a property sale? A sales agreement can now be signed remotely by the different parties involved in the transaction. A digital signature therefore enables the sale to be completed more quickly, but above all means the cooling-off period or period relating to conditions precedent can begin as soon as possible. It’s a considerable asset for the salesperson if the buyer reneges on their decision and the property needs to be put back up for sale quickly.

Signing a sales agreement remotely in total security

Digitalizing the signing of a pre-contract is an extremely secure process which guarantees the time and date of the signature, as well as the signatory’s identity and the document’s integrity. Furthermore, the data is encrypted and a PIN code can be assigned to the signatories to ensure the official document’s security. Many notaries have adopted digital signing for sales agreements today.

Signing the sales agreement with a qualified signature

The Connective eSignatures solution guarantees that the sales agreement can be signed digitally in just a few clicks. The secure platform enables you to upload and provide the sales agreement in PDF- or Word format, then to send the access link by email to the various signatories. To access the document to sign, they need an authentication code (received by email or text message). Depending on the chosen signing method, the document can be signed with a qualified signature, verifying the identity of the signer with absolute certainty. Real-time tracking of the progress of the sales agreement digital signature enables you to prompt the third parties and guarantee that the contract is signed quickly.

Signing the sales agreement electronically:
what the law says

In Europe, the European Union stipulates that a qualified digital signature has exactly the same legal value as a handwritten signature. For this, it must meet the requirements of the European eIDAS regulation, which requires reliable identification of the signatory and the integrity of the document signed.

Connective’s digital signature solution meets these requirements, and many others (UETA, eSign Act, etc.). The buyer can then sign a sales agreement digitally with total confidence and security, because this authentic signing method enables a notary to sign a private deed, within the framework of a sales agreement.

Signing the sales agreement: how does it work?

Signing the sales agreement digitally offers several options to buyers, sellers and estate agents:

Signing the sales agreement remotely

If you can’t set an appointment in person and you want to sign the document as soon as possible. This was a particularly practical solution during lockdown, or to avoid resorting to a third-party (proxy) power of attorney at all costs.

Signing the sales agreement face-to-face

The sales agreement can even be signed digitally in person, at the estate agent’s or the notary’s office. This enables the documents to be digitalised, and signed from a tablet, smartphone or computer.

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