WEBINAR: The new Connective eSignatures connector for Salesforce

Electronic signatures in Salesforce

Digitally reviewing and signing your sales contracts, agreements, invoices and many other business documents directly within Salesforce has never been easier thanks to the new and improved connector of Connective eSignatures for Salesforce. The first solution for electronic signatures in Salesforce where you never have to leave your favorite CRM to conclude the deal.

Salesforce is a leading Customer Relationship Management software that gives companies a single, shared view of every customer you are managing and servicing within your organization. Together with our partner Innowave we´ve recently built a new and improved connector of our electronic signatures solution for Salesforce. This means that both our new and existing customers will never have to leave Salesforce again to initiate a signature flow for their clients and sign or countersign documents. The benefits galore, as it will help organizing sales more efficiently, while speeding up the entire signing process and significantly increasing productivity.

With the Connective eSignatures solution, you can start the signature flow from an existing Salesforce object such as but not limited to accounts, contacts, opportunities or any other relevant object. This means each Salesforce user can easily upload and prepare the business documents that need to be signed, all from within his well-known Salesforce environment. Signers can be chosen seamlessly from your existing contacts in Salesforce and within one simple click you can send them an invitation to digitally sign the document (s).

A wide range of signing methods are available via the connector including several bank initiated, government initiated and private eID´s but also globally used methods such as the manual scribble and sms or mail one time password. At a glance, you can easily follow up on the status of your to be signed documents while in the end the signed documents will be easily retrievable all from within Salesforce, correctly linked to the corresponding object.

“The solution is quite unique as it is one of the only connectors that is completely integrated in the Salesforce platform and UI and that offers next to advanced also qualified signing methods, without your users ever having to leave Salesforce. Which is great in terms of user-experience and security.” concludes Sean Depecker, Delivery Manager at Connective.


The key benefits in a row:

  • Choose the signing order: Parallel or sequential
  • Add one or multiple signers
  • Sign one document or a package of documents
  • Get a clear overview of the status of your to be signed documents
  • Use your existing Salesforce objects and information
  • Basic, advanced and qualified signing methods at your disposition
  • An audit trail of the signed documents is available
  • Quick Installation and easy to use
  • Compliant with eIDAS, eSIGN Act, UETA, Swiss Zertes law, GDPR,…


Want to know more about our solution for electronic signatures in Salesforce? Download our on-demand webinar.


Connective eSignatures is now Nitro Sign Premium

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