Connective opens a new subsidiary in Spain

Connective Spain

Connective, a specialist in digital signatures, identity services and smart document generation, is opening a new office in Barcelona, Spain, as part of its global expansion strategy.

With more and more companies seeking to digitize their business processes, the market for Digital Transaction Management is booming. Particularly electronic signature solutions are gaining widespread adoption in large part due to the implementation of the European eIDAS regulation. As a key player in the European DTM market, Connective is thriving.

The ambitious scale-up is a provider of software that enables users to digitally create, share and sign documents in an intuitive and secure way. Their software offers a vast selection of signing methods, including a wide range of eID-schemes that are compliant with both the European eIDAS Regulation and the e-Signature laws in the United States, the UETA & E-SIGN acts.

For Connective, opening a new office in Barcelona is an obvious step in  its global expansion strategy. With their headquarters in Belgium and two subsidiaries in France and the Netherlands, the opening of an office in Spain is the obvious next step to aid their expansion in Southern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The increasing use of digital contracts, invoices, reports and the common acceptance of electronic signatures proves that digital transformation in Spain and other countries in the Hispanosphere is accelerating.

“The decision to open this subsidiary is a result of the demand of the Hispanic market for a reliable, locally-based and recognised European partner, to help digitize each stage of their transactions – from authentication to workflow management, creating documents and integrating electronic signatures by using effective, user friendly and rapidly operational solutions,” as Nicolas Métivier, CEO at Connective, emphasises.

Connective Spain’s strength lies in the fact that it is one of the only European actors offering the possibility to digitally sign documents using various means of European identification, including the Spanish DNI electrónico. Companies can easily choose which signature method to use in which process, creating a perfect balance between risk management and user experience. More importantly they are not limited to using it in Spain alone. With Connective’s digital identity and signature hub they can also service all their offices or subsidiaries around the world making use of both generic signature methods as the locally available Identification means (itsme, .beID, iDIN, SwissID, Portuguese ID, …). In short, Connective ensures that European firms can digitize and streamline any kind of business transaction, strongly improving the customer experience whilst continuously reducing costs.

“The decision to open this subsidiary is a result of the demand of the Hispanic market for a reliable, locally-based and recognised European partner, to help digitize each stage of their transactions.” – Nicolas Metivier, Connective CEO

With the opening of the Spanish subsidiary, next to the existing offices in Belgium, The Netherlands and France, Connective reinforces her ‘glocal’ presence. This is an incredibly important aspect of their expansion strategy, since it allows Connective to be closer to their clients and perfectly understand the rules & regulations of the region and the needs of their local client database.  “Europe is a key economic area for Connective. We intend to provide relevant solutions and services to local business requirements, as well as legislation,” Nicolas Métivier explains.

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