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Compliant to eIDAS, United States eSIGN and UETA Acts.
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How it works

Sign and have your documents signed in just a few simple steps with the digital signatures solution of Connective!


Prepare documents

Upload your documents so you can sign them yourself or have them signed by others. You can easily manage approvals, mandates, signing methods, signing orders, legal notices, expiry dates… and much more.

Digital Signatures
Digital Signatures

Send & sign

Sign your documents anywhere you want on your favorite device within a WYSIWYS environment. Our solution uses advanced, qualified and eIDAS-compliant digital signatures. During the signature process all information will be encrypted and digital signatures are embedded into the document.


Follow up

Our tool gives you an overview of all the information you need, right away. It sends out reminders automatically and stores all signed documents for future downloads or searches.

Digital Signatures
connective digital signatures
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customer journey with Connective eSignatures.

Understanding the
different types of electronic signatures

We differentiate 3 types of electronic signatures based on the electronic Identification, Authentication and trust Services regulation (eIDAS), set up in 2016. Did you know that in our vision to expand to the global market we’ve asked law firm DLA Piper to conduct an assessment of the legal effectiveness of our eSignatures solution globally to guarantee the compliancy to eIDAS and US laws. Feel free to download DLA Piper’s assessment!


What types of signature methods does
Connective have to offer?

Simple or Basic (SES), Advanced (AES) and Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES), Connective has it all.

Unlike on paper, there are many different ways to sign digital transactions. Each type having a different level of evidential power and legality, each type bringing its own user experience. We offer you a vast selection of signing methods, including a wide range of eID-schemes that are compliant with the eIDAS Regulation and with the e-Signature laws in the United States, the UETA & E-SIGN acts.

Sign with an
electronic ID

Through one single point of integration we offer you plenty identity methods and other signing methods that are available to electronically sign documents. This includes a wide range of European eID-schemes that are compliant with the eIDAS Regulation.

Bank ID
Suisse ID
Nem ID
France Connect
Belgian eID
DNI Electronico

Worldwide accepted
signing methods

Maintain the ceremonial aspect of ‘wet’ physical signature while signing your documents digitally with a Manual or biometric signature. Or authenticate a signer by sending a password or code to a signer which enables her/him to sign with our SMS or Mail One Time Password signing methods.

Manual Signature


Biometric Signature


Sign with SMS

SMS One Time Password

Sign with Mail

Email One Time Password

Why our customers choose eSignatures



"Together with our partner Connective, we could easily integrate the eSignatures tool into the ‘Sales Power’ platform. Thanks to an easy and straightforward API of Connective this entire process went very fast and extremely smooth. ”
- Timothy Manuel, CEO


Itsme (Belgian Mobile ID)

“Since Connective was already well present within the Belgian banking ecosystem and many other industries in terms of identity services and digital signatures, we were instantly convinced that working with them would be the right thing to do.”

- Kris De Ryck, CEO



"The collaboration with Connective is very effective since the beginning, we found the technical savviness we were looking for."

- Grégory Noirfalise, Project lead Switch Business


Ramsay Générale de Santé

"If I had to summarize our collaboration with Connective and our experience with digital signatures for health care, I would say efficiency, responsiveness and user friendliness for our patients."

- Olivier Tarneaud, Manager of Marketing and Digital Strategy

Only some of the features of
our advanced signing solution

eIDAS, UETA & ESIGN Act compliant

The Connective eSignatures solution in the Talentsoft Hub is not only eIDAS and ETSI compliant, but as well fully aligned with the UETA & ESIGN act regulation. 

Digital Signatures
Sequential and Parallel signing

Enable signers to sign documents one by one in a specified order (sequential) or in a random order (parallel). Don´t worry we also support complex signing sequences!

Digital Signatures
Your favorite device

Your smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablet. Pick your favorite to conclude the signature!

Digital Signatures
Easy follow-up

Follow up on the signature process and status of your (to be) signed documents in a blink of an eye and send out reminders when and where needed.

Digital Signatures
Fully White labeled

Own the entire signing experience. With Connective’s solutions, you can keep your branding when creating, signing or sending documents.

Digital Signatures
Integrate without flaw

Our open APIs allow you to flawlessly integrate our solutions into existing business systems like your CRM system or enterprise resource planning.



Microsoft Dynamics



Flexible integration and embedding

The eSignatures functionalities can be integrated into your own web applications via the flexible and fully functional Application Programming Interface (API). So any desired functionality can be automated in the background, guaranteeing a seamless integration with your own customer portal. If you don’t have the integration capacity, don’t worry! Connective eSignatures can be accessed by tools such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Pega Systems, Talentsoft, Sofico and more.

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Digital Signatures
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