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From consumer purchases, business to business transactions, governmental administration. With digital signatures solution, Connective eSignatures, you´ll mange these daily processes in an efficient, secure and above all digital way. Through self-explanatory wizards you´ll offer the user an unparalleled user experience, whilst taking all regulatory and security requirements into account.

Digital Signatures, Digitale handtekeningen

Select the signature of your choice

Depending on the financial and legal risk you can choose the most suitable type of signature. It is a balance between accessibility, user friendliness and risk consideration. Connective offers you a vast selection of signing methods, including a wide range of European eID-schemes that are compliant with the eIDAS Regulation. Choose between Simple or Basic (SES), Advanced (AES) and Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES).

Manual Digital signatures
Manual Signatures

Maintain the ceremonial aspect of ‘wet’ physical signature while signing your documents digitally

Digital Transaction Management  Manually drawn signatures
Digital Transaction Management  Biometric signing

Password Digital signatures, digital signature salesforce
One Time Password (OTP)

Authenticate a signer by sending a password or code to a signer which enables her/him to sign.

Digital Transaction Management  SMS OTP
Digital Transaction Management  Mail OTP

Identity Digital Signatures
Verified Identity

Verified Identity signatures can be advanced (AES) or qualified (QES) depending on the identity scheme.

Digital Transaction Management ID Schemes: eg. beID, Itsme®, iDIN
Digital Transaction Management  Other certificates: eg. Lawyer ID,…

Get your documents signed anywhere, anytime

Sign and have your documents signed in just a few simple steps!


Prepare your documents

Upload your documents so you can sign them yourself or have them signed by others. You can easily manage approvals, mandates, signing methods, signing orders, legal notices, expiry dates… and much more.

Digital Signatures
Elektronische handtekening

Send & sign

Sign your documents anywhere you want on your favorite device within a WYSIWYS environment. Our solution uses advanced, qualified and eIDAS-compliant digital signatures. During the signature process all information will be encrypted and digital signatures are embedded into the document. The signed document contains all information about the document’s undersigned, the time and date of signature, and the signature method used. This guarantees the document integrity and signature validity.

Digital Signatures
Elektronische handtekening

Follow up

Our tool gives you an overview of all the information you need, right away. It sends out reminders automatically and stores all signed documents for future downloads or searches.

eSignatures, Digital Signatures

Flexible integration and embedding

The eSignatures functionalities can be integrated into your own web applications via the flexible and fully functional Application Programming Interface (API). So any desired functionality can be automated in the background, guaranteeing a seamless integration with your own customer portal. If you don’t have the integration capacity, don’t worry! Connective eSignatures can be accessed by tools such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Pega Systems, Talentsoft, Sofico and more.

Microsoft Dynamics

“We asked to create the most natural signing flow to ensure user adaptation. Connective really surpassed our expectations in terms of customer experience and convenience.”

Ronald TackThe Antwerp police

Totally compliant, totally secure

Connective eSignatures comply with the most stringent legal requirements in the world. We provide legally binding electronic signatures in compliance with the e-Signature laws in the European Union, Directive 1999/93/EC & Regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS), and in the United States, the UETA & E-SIGN acts.

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Today, almost everyone has heard of the convenience of putting digital signatures on a contract or any other type of digital document and many have even experienced it. As digital signature solutions become more widely accepted, software providers 
La Tour International is using the Connective advanced electronic signatures solution (eSignatures), in response to the increasingly international nature of exchanges with our resolutely nomad clients, to improve fluidity, speed and safety,
A central digital signatures platform for Digipolis and all its stakeholders (including the Antwerp police) The time and effort police officers spend on dealing with paperwork and red tape is tremendous and keeps them away from important front line police work.