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Identify your customers with best-in-class versatility and trustworthiness

Online and cross-border transactions are on the rise and securing personal information is paramount. As a result e-identity, trust services and legal compliancy are becoming essential for you to reliably identify the individuals you interact with. With Connective´s Identity Services we offer you the most versatile and trustworthy solution for digital identification of your customers.

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Securely Identify

You can identify and verify the existence of any of your users or customers by using the Connective broker service. We support a uniquely wide range of authentication and identification methods like several national eID cards, bank initiatives and private initiatives. e.g. itsme®, iDIN,…


Your customers get secure access to your website, portal or digital environment through a wide choice of authentication methods. They range from public eID schemes and national authentic sources to other relevant initiatives. This way you are sure that only trusted users can access your systems.


Strong identification at any given moment with Connective Identity Services

Thanks to Connective Identity Services processes like onboarding new clients from different countries becomes easy without compromising on fraud prevention and more importantly while guaranteeing a flawless customer journey.

  New client onboarding
  Candidate onboarding
  Corporate onboarding

Using (eID) smartcards or tokens has never been easier thanks to the Connective Browser package

eSignatures identity card

Put an end to frustrations caused by recurring difficulties when connecting smartcards (like eID,…), tokens, signing hardware and certificates.
A quick ‘one-shot’ installation of ‘the Connective Browser package’ enables you to seamlessly identify yourself with your smart card or token.
Say goodbye to all technical difficulties: such as Middleware, Java runtime, card reader drivers, browser restarts and many others. We will make sure that it simply works, every single time.

“Since Connective was already well present within the Belgian banking ecosystem & many other industries in terms of identification & digital signatures, we were instantly convinced that working with them would be the right thing to do.”

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Kris De Ryck Belgian Mobile ID

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More and more transactions take place online and as a consequence e-identity services will follow suit. Nevertheless, when it comes to valuable or trust-based transactions we often revert to paperwork and an offline ID to be sure of the other person’s identity and legal status.
Connective´s eID enrollment service succesfully integrated in itsme ® to create your mobile identity. A digital society needs a digital identity. That is why Belgian Mobile ID created the mobile app itsme ® which manages your identity from your smartphone. 
Requirements to find a trustworthy Trust Service Provider There are plenty of high-tech providers when it comes to electronic signatures and identity services. Most of them offer intuitive and compliant solutions.