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Guide to Digital Signatures

The power of Digital Signatures? Find out what it is for you!

Digital Signatures have become the new normal, however there are still many misconceptions about them. Does a digital signature have the same legal value as written signatures? What is the importance of identification in a signature session? Does the end user always have to download software when signing documents digitally? Let´s finally get on the same page about Digital Signatures with our newest whitepaper!

This paper will take you back to the basics and essentials of Digital Signatures and will help you fully understand its strength and possibilities.

This paper will inform you on:


  • Different types of digital signatures
  • The legal value of a digital signature
  • How digital signatures work
  • Different types of signing methods


Everything you want and need to know about digital signatures. Including a straight-forward checklist which will help you choose the best solution for your company.

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