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The power of electronic signatures? Find out what it is for you and your company!

Since the digital age, many organizations are aiming to deal with daily processes in a digital and therefore much more efficient and secure way. Yet oddly enough, when it comes down to concluding important and legally binding agreements or sharing trusted information, many companies remained reliant on paper.

That is why 2020 has become a real turning point. The spread of COVID-19, the continuation of social distancing and the continuously increasing number of employees working from home, have inevitably impacted the way people conduct their businesses, including operations as essential as signing agreements and contracts. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced companies, consumers, employees to digitize fully and quickly to be able to maintain business continuity.

At a rapid pace they had to change their digital habits and adopt new ones. The legislation and regulations concerning electronic transactions/signatures become key to respond to businesses’ changing needs. If they had not already, businesses all over the world are adding electronic signatures to their toolkits or expanding the use of it. A quite logical evolution as electronic signatures workflows are indispensable when it comes to keep business moving in a remote world.

In this whitepaper we guide you through everything you need to know about electronic signatures. We will help you evaluate, choose, and deploy the best electronic signature solution for your business.

Our guide to electronic signatures will inform you on:

  • What is an electronic signature?
  • What´s the difference between and electronic and digital signature?
  • The legal value of an electronic signature
  • How do electronic signatures work?
  • Different types of signing methods


Everything you want and need to know about electronic signatures. Including a straight-forward checklist which will help you choose the best solution for your company.


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