Connective provides eSignatures connector for Microsoft Power Automate to optimize customers’ workflow

eSignatures connector for Microsoft Power Automate

We have released a new eSignatures connector for Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow). The connector allows companies to forward documents that require a digital signature directly from their favorite Microsoft 365 applications, such as Teams, Word, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, OneDrive, and many others. Code or complex implementation processes are no longer necessary.


One-time integration results in workflow configuration

Power Automate allows users to set up automated workflows between their favorite apps and services to synchronize files, receive notifications, and collect data, among other actions. It consists of thousands of prebuilt business process templates that can be combined and are able to communicate with each other. Power Automate allows companies to create end-to end digital and automated workflows at little to no added cost and with limited IT knowledge. It also helps automate many repetitive, time-consuming tasks and as a result, increases productivity.

Managing signatures is a great example of what used to be a complex, error-prone, manual, and time-consuming process. The integration of Connective eSignatures into Power Automate enables users to request, track, and store electronic signatures directly within the existing Microsoft apps they know, allowing them to speed up and simplify business. As a result, signing documents is simpler for both the sender of the document and the person receiving it for approval and signature.

Among Power Automate’s main benefits is that it doesn’t merely work with Microsoft 365 applications, it also communicates with more than 250 third-party solutions, including popular services like Dropbox and Salesforce.

Connective is launching its eSignatures solution as a configurable Power Automate connector that exposes all Connective eSignatures’ APIs, so it can easily be triggered.

Use cases for the eSignatures connector include:

  • Starting a signature process.
  • Retrieving the status of a signature process.
  • Moving signed documents from Connective eSignatures to other repositories.


Connective eSignatures: a welcome addition to Microsoft’s ecosystem

“Microsoft values partners that deliver innovative customer solutions on Microsoft Azure, and it was only logical for Connective to adopt the flexibility and innovation Microsoft offers with Power Automate,” said Magali Biron, Chief Alliances Officer at Connective.

“Activating our wide variety of signing methods via the flexibility of Power Automate allows people to sign documents from anywhere in the world in the most intuitive way, while complying with the strictest regulations, such as eIDAS, Zertes, UETA, and eSIGN ACT.”

“Companies are embracing digital transformation as never before, and many feel the need for digital signatures to ensure business continuity. That is why Connective eSignatures is now ready to be integrated where customers need it most: Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Word, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and more. Customers benefit from a single centralized, flexible connector for using eSignatures in all their business processes in a seamless way,” added Sean Depecker, Delivery Manager at Connective.

“Connective eSignatures is a great example of the many innovative ways our partners are leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform to meet customers’ needs faster and smarter,” said Erik Kerkhofs, Director One Commercial Partner at Microsoft.


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Connective eSignatures is now Nitro Sign Premium

Connective has joined the Nitro family! This domain will be deactivated shorty. Visit to stay informed about the latest updates and features of Nitro Sign Premium (formerly Connective eSignatures).