Connective opens a new office in Toulouse, France

Connective opens a new office in Toulouse

As part of our digital expansion strategy, Connective opens a new office in Toulouse, France. After opening our first office abroad in Paris in 2017, we felt the need for more local presence in the south of France to further outline our solutions for digital signatures, identity services and smart document generation.


Answering the demand for digital signature solutions

Due to the need for continuous innovation, more and more companies seek to (fully) digitize their business and business processes. Since years, we see an increasing demand and use of digital contracts, invoices, reports and the common acceptance of electronic signatures. To be able to stand out from our competition we always go for the personal approach and stay close to our customer and prospects. So by opening the office in Toulouse we are able to service our clients and prospects in the south of France the best way possible and make sure that all those who are seeking for easy-to-implement solutions can find their way towards Connective.

Shortly after we were starting to shape our idea of opening a new office in Toulouse, into a concept, the whole world was caught by surprise by a pandemic that had us in a tight grip.The digital train was already traveling at great speed, but the worldwide Covid-19 situation, which caused a lot of companies to close their offices temporarily and look out for remote and digital solutions, has accelerated this process even more.

“The opening of this subsidiary is a result of the demand of the Southern-French market for a reliable, locally-based and recognized European partner, to help digitize each stage of their transactions. Whether it’s authentication, workflow management, creating documents or implementing digital signatures, we want to provide in that need by offering simple & reliable solutions. Timing couldn´t be any better, since Covid-19 has brought about a tremendous increase in demand for our digital solutions.” said Nicolas Metivier, CEO of Connective.


Digital signatures with global reach and local compliance

Our strength lies in the fact that we are one of the only European actors that can easily & rapidly integrate the advanced and qualified signature process as a whole, while complying with multiple legislations worldwide. Our software offers a vast selection of signing methods, including a wide range of eID-schemes that are compliant with multiple laws & regulations across the globe, such as:

  • the European eIDAS Regulation
  • the e-Signature laws in the United States: the UETA & E-SIGN act
  • The Federal Act on Electronic Signatures in Switzerland (FAES)
  • The Electronic Transactions Ordinance in Hong Kong (ETO)
  • The Electronic Transactions Act in Singapore (ETA)

The assessment of our legal compliance worldwide has been thoroughly assessed by DLA Piper, which you can read more on in our legal whitepaper.

With our mobile, agile & secure solutions, we ensure that a lot of firms worldwide can digitize & streamline their transactions, improve the customer experience and significantly reduce costs.

Thanks to the opening of our second French subsidiary, next to the existing offices in Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain and the United States, Connective once again reinforces its glocal presence.

If you would like to know more about Connective, the opening of our new subsidiary in Toulouse or our solutions for digital signatures, identity services and smart document generation, do not hesitate to contact us!


Connective eSignatures is now Nitro Sign Premium

Connective has joined the Nitro family! This domain will be deactivated shorty. Visit to stay informed about the latest updates and features of Nitro Sign Premium (formerly Connective eSignatures).