Connective is joining the ClubPSCo


As of today, Connective joins ClubPSCo (Club des Prestaraires des Services de Confiance or TSPClub). This club groups key French Trust Service Providers (TSP) that are involved in the fields of trust services for electronic transactions, as defined within the European eIDAS regulation.


The main goal of ClubPSCo is to reach and maintain a satisfying security level to electronic transactions across Europe. First of all, they want to make sure that the Trust level is truly secure without being a burden to players and users. Secondly, the club aims to make the rules homogeneous across Europe without being a brake to evolving technologies. And finally, they try to make the Digital Single Market a true reality allowing simple and secure e-transactions to multiply across Europe.

On a regular basis ClubPSCo brings together members via working groups so they can share their experiences with the implementation of concrete solutions. To become a member, you need to be a Qualified Trust Service Provider (eIDAS, RGS, ETSI certification) or in the process of becoming one at the time of applying. Connective meets these criteria and is now included in the list next to organizations like Tessi Document Services, Worldline, Orange, La Poste.


Julien de Araujo, Head of sales France at Connective explains: “At Connective, our products are built on three important pillars: user experience, ’glocality’ (meaning that we both offer global and local solutions) and legal compliance. By being part of ClubPSCo we have access to a whole new source of information to help us stay legally compliant. I look forward to join the working groups organized by the club to exchange Connective´s elaborate experience and knowledge on eIDAS and to help develop concrete deliverables.”


ClubPSCo is also involved in the analysis and proposition of adapted regulation, both on a National level and on a European level. Therefore, it closely works with entities such as ANSSI (Agence Nationale de Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information), FranceConnect, or LSTI (French CAB), and also DG CONNECT eIDAS Task Force at the European Commission, ENISA, or ACAB’C, and many other national and international entities around Europe and more.



ClubPSCO was created in 2010-2011 by 9 French QTSP, it now includes more than 30 members. It joined ESD (European Signature Dialog) the European Association of Qualified Trust Service Providers, just after it was created. More information can be found on the website




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