Connective and Zefort bring together electronic signatures and contract archiving in the Nordics

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Connective and Zefort, a contract management specialist, announce an exciting new partnership. Integrating our technologies through REST API, our combined expertise will enable our customers to sign, store and manage their essential contracts in one place.  


End to end contract management

Headquartered in Finland, Zefort is an expert in contract management. As a key player in the Nordic region, Zefort already works with various local electronic signature solution partners enabling customers to sign, store and manage their contracts alongside related correspondence.

Using their simple, smart and secure cloud-based storage facility, customers can archive their signed contracts with a single email. Zefort’s AI engine then does all the hard work; receiving, processing and storing contracts so they’re easy to search and quick to find via a user-friendly dashboard.

To expand their service into the Benelux area, Zefort decided to replicate their existing model and team up with a regional electronic signature provider. Working with a partner would allow each respective firm to focus on their own areas of expertise – ultimately ensuring customers received the best user experience without any compromises on quality of service.


A complementary partnership

As an established leader in electronic signatures solutions, Connective was the ideal partner. Facilitating more than 100 million transactions every year, we could offer Zefort the expertise they were looking for. A partnership would also enable us to offer a fully digitised document management system in the Nordics and even beyond.

For Connective and Zefort, this collaboration is more than just the meeting of complementary technology. It’s a partnership that shares a common goal – to streamline admin and help individuals and organisations recoup valuable time through efficiency.

Connective and Zefort also believe in the same high standards when it comes to data security. Connective customers can rest assured that our platform adheres to stringent international and European regulations including: GDPR, eIDAS, ZertES, UETA and ESIGN.

Data security is a core component in Zefort’s commitment to customers too. As well as physical precautions such as two-factor authentication and a separate access log system, Zefort’s cloud-based archive uses AES256 encryption standards and complies to ISO 27001.

Plus, as fellow innovators, we were intrigued and impressed with the sophisticated AI aspect of Zefort’s solution, which uses optical character recognition (OCR). It’s this software that powers the indexing and archiving functionalities. This in turn provides an intuitive search engine for users.


“Our goal is to be the endpoint of any digital document. That’s why we have an integrated solution in many different platforms like CRM tools, invoicing systems as well as electronic signatures solutions.”   

Niklas Hakalax
Partner and Head of Accounts & Partnerships at Zefort


Announcing this exciting new partnership, Chief Alliances Officer at Connective, Magali Biron says:

“Both Connective and Zefort want to offer a fully digital solution to our clients. By combining forces, both focusing on our own strengths, we can offer the best experience towards our customers without losing any quality.”

Niklas Hakalax, Zefort’s Partner, Head of Accounts & Partnerships, also adds:

“Our goal is to be the endpoint of any digital document. That’s why we have an integrated solution in many different platforms like CRM tools, invoicing systems as well as electronic signatures solutions.”   


About our new partner Zefort

Zefort is an internationally respected contract archiving provider who delivers user friendly services that combine sophisticated technology and AI.

Their browser-based platform also means there’s no need for extra software installations and all interface actions can be completed through API. This flexible and agile approach reflects Zefort’s founding principles – to move quickly and without bureaucracy while being transparent and open.


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