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To enable targeted communication to (prospective) clients in a personalized and consistent way, Dutch energy supplier Nuon has implemented Connective’s Smart Documents solution.


The Challenge

The energy market is undergoing significant changes. In a highly competitive market the commercial landscape demands personalized offers funneled through the customer’s preferred channels. So customer communication has become a crucial element for Nuon’s sales and marketing activities. They distribute marketing material through a wide variety of media including service mails, personalized offers, loyalty mails, commercial letters and newsletters. Balancing these enormous amounts of communications with highly personalized content was very challenging. While in the past Nuon managed their mass communication through many different tools, they now can rely on Connective’s Smart Documents, an all-in-one platform that allows business users to prepare and launch campaigns in an easy and controlled way.

Watch the video for the entire Nuon client testimonial with Arie de Vroet, Linda Groot and Jacqueline Ebbelaar. 


Key drivers 

The first and main reason for Nuon to manage everything through one platform was to save time and money by improving time to market. Secondly, working with predefined templates and content blocks ensures each customer receives a personal, consistent, relevant and reliable message. An improved and more accurate follow up of the communication was a third driver which could only be possible through unambiguous reporting. Last but not least, Nuon wanted to offer a much more user-friendly tool to their communication marketing managers that doesn’t require extensive technical, coding or programming knowledge from them.


Implementing Connective Smart Documents

The user-friendly Connective Smart Documents software allows business users to prepare and launch campaigns in an easy and controlled way.  Detailed dashboards and accurate reports support the day to day management of the campaigns. Reminders, approvals and historic data complete this rich functionality.

End (business) users can easily create templates (template letters, forms, contracts and marketing communications, etc.). There is no need to differentiate between direct mail or emails: all campaigns leverage the same content and campaigns are submitted through the desired channel. The Connective Digital Documents solution includes all functions available in Microsoft Word including the insertion of images, pictures, tables, barcodes and the use of textual functionalities such as widows and orphans, split table rules, etc.

Straight through processing is key and the solution foresees flexible integration capabilities: The data coming from a CRM tool or other existing systems can immediately be used in the created templates to personalize the mailings. This intelligent automation results in highly improved efficiency.

Finally, the integrated mass mailing engine provides comprehensive support for channeling emails to clients. The supporting analytics provide a wide range of information on clicks, devices and so forth; information that can be used for future campaigns. This perpetual feedback loop allows Nuon to continuously strengthen and improve their offering to customers ensuring a relevant, competitive and consistent message.

Arie de Vroet concludes:«We can be really proud of the results. Each week we send out about ten thousands of documents both via email and direct mail with the Connective Smart Documents solution.»

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