Cookie Policy

1. What are cookies?

Our website, owned and operated by Connective NV (hereinafter “Connective”), uses cookies and similar technologies. Cookies are small pieces of text files placed on your computer, smartphone or tablet when you visit our website. By using such cookies we understand for example how often and in which way our website is visited. They also make certain functionalities of our website function properly. For more specific information on what cookies are and how they work, we refer to

Because we attach great importance to data protection and privacy in general, we believe it is important to inform you in all transparency – as a user of our website – about the information we collect when you visit our website. Therefore we present you this cookie policy, which applies to all cookies we use on our website. Beside cookies, we may also process other information (including personal data) when you visit our website. We refer to our privacy policy for more information on how we process personal data.

2. How to manage cookies when visiting our website

Connective requests you – when visiting our website – which cookies we can use. Your specific consent will be saved when you submit your preferences via the cookie banner popping-up on your screen and when confirming the setting via the button ‘Cookie Settings‘. In case you agree to all cookies, please select ‘Accept all cookies‘.

You are entirely free to choose which category of cookies we can place. Your choice will have no impact on the access to our website, but might impact the way our website functions or is presented to you. As necessary cookies are essential for our website to function properly, this specific category of cookies is the only category of cookies you cannot decline. All other types of cookies will only being used in case you have given us your specific consent.

If you want to adjust your preferences related to cookies being used, you can configurate your browser settings. For the most common used browsers, we refer to the links below on how to do such configuration. Editing your cookie preferences for our specific website is possible via this link.

BrowserInfo on managing/deleting cookies via browser
Google ChromeLINK
Apple Safari (desktop)LINK

Apple Safari (iPhone)LINK

Internet Explorer LINK
Mozilla FirefoxLINK

If you use multiple devices (e.g. computer, smartphone and/or tablet) to visit our website, please note you will have to configurate your cookie preferences on each device separately. In case your device is used by multiple individuals, please take into account someone else might have changed the cookie settings you prefer. By using your (personal) user or browsing profile, including your personal cookie preferences, you can limit this risk.

3. What cookies are used for which purposes?

Below in this cookie policy you will find an overview of the types of cookies we use. More specifically, we list the particular cookies installed on our website, the provider of the cookie (and if it is being provided by a third party), the purposes for which we use each cookie, and how long the cookie is stored.

There are different types of cookies (functional, strictly necessary, targeting, performance and social media cookies). Cookies might be placed by Connective (first-party cookies) or by a third party (third-party cookies). The provider of each cookie is identified below, and for specific information on the data processed via third-party cookies, we refer to the relevant policies of such third parties (which you can access per provider via the links included in the overview of cookies).

Depending on your preferences and consent, we use specific categories of cookies.

A. Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary for the website to function and cannot be switched off. They are usually only set in response to actions made by you which amount to a request for services, such as setting your privacy preferences or filling in forms.

B. Functional cookies

Functional cookies enable the website to remember choices you made earlier, resulting in the website to behave in a certain way.

For example we might use functional cookies to:

  • remember your language preference to visit our website
  • remember your log-in credentials

Functional cookies are only used in case you have given your consent.

C. Performance cookies

Performance cookies are used to gain insights on how visitors interact with our website.

For example we use performance cookies to:

  • measure traffic on our website
  • gain insight on which pages are being visited

Performance cookies are only used in case you have given your consent.

D. Targeting cookies

Targeting cookies track your online activity across websites and online platforms and help advertisers to deliver more relevant advertising. Targeting cookies can also refer to other similar technologies, such as pixels and hashed-emails.

For example we use targeting cookies to:

  • show you relevant advertising on social media platforms (or other websites) you visit
  • measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns

Targeting cookies are only used in case you have given your consent.

E. Social media cookies

These cookies are set by a range of social media services that we have added to the site to enable you to share our content with your network. They are capable of tracking your browser across other sites and building up a profile of your interests. This may impact the content and messages you see on other websites you visit.

F. Unclassified cookies

Unclassified cookies are cookies that we are in the process of classifying, together with the providers of individual cookies.

4. How long are cookies being stored?

Cookies store information for a specific period, which can be during your visit of the website (session cookies), or for a specific duration (persistent cookies).

Session cookies are automatically deleted after your visit or our website (when the connection is interrupted). Persistent cookies are stored until their expiry date (or until you delete them manually via your browser settings). The storage period of each cookie we use on our website is indicated in the cookie overview below.

5. Can other websites still show me advertising related to Connective when I haven’t given consent for the marketing cookies on our website?

Yes, this is still a possibility. Third party websites or social media platforms of which you accepted cookies or similar technologies, might still show you advertising related to Connective. These cookies are controlled by such third parties and/or social media platforms. This is why – in case you would not like to receive advertising related to Connective – you might also have to edit your cookies preferences on the website (or your user profile) on such third party websites or social media platform. How this works, should be set out on the relevant third-party website or social media platform.

6. What are the ‘similar technologies’ we’re referring to?

Besides cookies, there are also technologies available having similar effects as cookies. In full transparency, we wish to inform you about such similar technologies we might use.

A. Pixels

Pixels are tiny images, collecting information related to the online behaviour of visitors of our website (or third party websites). Technically, pixels work via a tracking code connected to such pixel. In order to identify the visitor of the website, it is necessary to use a cookie accompanying the pixel. By means of this technology, we (and potentially also the third party providers of such pixel) are able to measure for example the effectiveness of advertising channels, as it will indicate via which third party website or social media platform you were redirected to our website.

Pixels are only used in case you have given your consent.

B. Hashed e-mails

Hashing refers to a specific way of encryption. If we use hashed emails, it means your mail address will be transformed via an encryption algorithm resulting in a unique code which cannot be reversed into your original email address. Such hashed emails can be used to identify you as a visitor of our website when you are also a user of a third party website or social media platform.

Hashed emails are only used in case you have given your consent.

7. Your privacy

Connective attaches great importance to your privacy. For all information about personal data we process and the rights you have as a data subject, we refer to our privacy policy.

8. Who is Connective?

Connective is a Belgian based software company, developing and licensing software for digital transaction management on an international scale. We act as a data controller in respect of the data processed via the cookies (or similar technologies) we use. We hope this cookie policy (together with our privacy policy) includes all the information you are looking for, but in case of any questions, our DPO Office is at your disposal:

Connective – DPO Office
Wapenstraat 14, box 301
B-2000 Antwerp

9. What to do if you have a complaint

Please feel free to contact us via the contacting details as set out above. You may also contact the Belgian Data Protection Authority via:

Belgian Data Protection Authority
Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussel
+32 (0)2 274 48 00
+32 (0)2 274 48 35

10. Overview of the cookies we use

Below you find an overview of the cookies we use on our website, and which might impact you as a visitor of our website. More specifically, we list the particular cookies installed on our website, the provider of the cookie (and if it is being provided by a third party), the purposes for which we use each cookie and how long the cookie is stored. Please note the cookies we use might change in the future, so we advise you to regularly re-visit this page to read the most updated version of our cookie policy.