Download: Webinar iDIN, the basic principles

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iDIN has been a much-discussed issue over the past months. After a successful pilot, the Dutch Betaalvereniging together with a group of banks in The Netherlands officiallylaunched this new identity services initiative.

The purpose of this initiative is to make it possible for customers to identify themselves to other organisations by using the secure & convenient login-methods of their own bank. Customers are no longer burdened with the need to provide separate passwords or authentication methods for logging into a wide range of online services. iDIN can be nicely integrated in customer journeys for insurance providers, finance, government institutions, online webshops and many others.

The introduction of iDIN will lead to new opportunities when it comes to Digital Client onboarding and client interaction.  Connective has also nicely integrated iDIN as a signing option within its eSignatures platform. Last week, Connective & Enigma Consulting, presented the background, opportunities and uses cases during a 1 hour webinar.


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