webinar Itsme Sign

WEBINAR ‘Get more out of itsme® Sign’

Due to an overwhelming number of subscriptions, the morning session of this webinar is Fully Booked! Subscribe here to attend the extra afternoon session!   Last year, in March 2019, we announced the first qualified mobile signature: itsme® Sign! The result of a successful strategic partnership between Belgian Mobile ID and Connective….

GDPR Webinar

Download: GDPR Webinar Recording and Slides

GDPR, how to be compliant… Every European company, small, medium or large is facing the same challenge today, GDPR. This regulation describes strict requirements for all European companies and organizations on collecting, storing, processing and managing personal data. Many companies do not know exactly how they need to adopt their…

eSignatures v5.5.

eSignatures v5.5 release Webinar – Video & Presentation deck

In the light of the v5.5 release of the Connective eSignatures solution we organised our very first eSignatures Community Webinar on the 4th of February 2020. The recordings and slidedeck are now available for download.  The Connective team is proud to have recently released the latest version of the Connective…


Insurtech Webinar – download now

New risks for insurers Managing risks has been an insurer’s bread-and-butter for over a century. Throughout the years it has been fine-tuned and is at the core of today’s insurers day-to-day business.