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Identity Services

Trust EVERY user on the other side of the channel with our safe and verified identification & authentication methods.

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Smart Documents

Design and manage all your personalised business documents in 1 central environment without any programming.

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digital Signatures


Digital signatures reinvented. Intuitive, secure and most importantly eIDAS compliant!

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Your complete guide to Digital Signatures

Everything you want and need to know about digital signatures. Including a straight-forward checklist which will help you choose the best solution for your company.

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Your trusted party in digitising any transaction within a wide variety of industries!



FinTech is in the core of Connective’s DNA. Back in 2014, when Connective laid the foundations of its Digital Transaction Management platform, we designed our platform with high-compliance environments such as banking & insurance in mind. That’s why many leading banks & insurers trust Connective to handle their digital transaction management. We make banking intuitive for your customers and let you stay ahead of the game when it comes to compliance.

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The government’s digital era is progressing at a relentless pace. More and more governmental institutions are now abandoning analog operating models in favor of their digital counterparts. But digital transformation means more than “going paperless”. It is about creating efficient, secure and digital processes to work smarter and to speed up operations. With our Digital Transaction Management solutions we empower governmental institutions so they may become mature digital services organizations.

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Insurers are facing a new type of risk due to changing client expectations and an increased regulatory burden. That is why insurers desire to engage with their customers in new ways. By leveraging technology and a customer-oriented strategy, we help insurers in offering a seamless, flawless and impeccable customer journey. Imagine client onboarding, customer communication, contract negotiation and digital signing all from the comfort of one´s phone, tablet or laptop.

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Efficient. Proactive. User friendly. 3 unmistakable characteristics for the digital accountant of today. Connective will prepare you in no-time for your switchover to a more efficient, secure but above all digital accountancy service. Thanks to the software offering of Connective you can identify (Identity Services) your clients in the most intuitive way and foresee all your documents like Governing Board minutes, tax declarations, assignments, anti-money-laundering docs etc. with an eIDAS certified electronic signature (eSignatures). Give your customers the user experience they expect.

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Connective helps human resources and staffing professionals to easily and safely onboard new hires and engage with them via various digital channels. Connective will allow you to strengthen your appeal to young and digital savvy candidates to further strengthen your employer brand.

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Reliability is paramount when it comes to running a trusted, first-rate law firm. Records, like clients, deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and deserve to receive the highest quality service. Paper can no longer do the job. Connective´s Identity ServicesSmart Documents and eSignatures solutions help the legal services industry to digitise and simplify the document-intensive tasks the industry tackles every day.

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Real Estate

Simplify your mortgage and real estate transactions. Make it easier, faster and more intuitive for sellers, borrowers and buyers to do business thanks to Connective´s Identity ServicesSmart Documents and eSignatures for the real estate industry. Digitise any of your paper based processes like rent agreements, leasing contracts, offers to purchase and many more.

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Why choose us?

Create, send and sign all your documents in one unparalleled digital user experience!

Digital Signature Digitale Handtekeningen
Digital Transaction Management   Best-in-class user experience

Complete any transaction, anywhere (on location or remote), anytime, via any channel regardless of the device.

Digital Transaction Management   100% end-to-end digital process

Increase productivity, organize your sales and services more efficiently, reduce document handling costs and shorten business cycles drastically.

Digital Transaction Management   Legal compliance

We know all about eIDAS, ETSI and GDPR. Our solutions comply with the most stringent legal requirements and standards in Europe.


“Since Connective was already well present within the Belgian banking ecosystem and many other industries in terms of identity services and digital signatures, we were instantly convinced that working with them would be the right thing to do.

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Kris de Ryck
Kris De Ryck Belgian Mobile ID (Itsme®)



“If I had to summarize our collaboration with Connective and our experience with digital signatures for health care, I would say efficiency, responsiveness and user friendliness for our patients.”


Olivier Tarneaud
Olivier TarneaudRamsay Générale de Santé


“Together with our partner Connective, we could easily integrate the eSignatures tool into the ‘Sales Power’ platform. Thanks to an easy and straightforward API of Connective this entire process went very fast and extremely smooth. ”


Timothy Manuel
Timothy ManuelToyota and Lexus Belgium & Luxembourg



“We´ve implemented the Connective Smart Documents Solution to enable targeted communication to (prospective) clients in a personalized and consistent way. We can be very proud of the results. Each week we send out about ten thousands of documents both via email and direct mail through the solution.”


Arie de VroetNuon



“ Thanks to the Connective eSignatures solution we drastically streamlined and simplified the signature process. This allows us to save time and carry out procedures in France as well as worldwide more quickly,” 


Benoit Philippart La Tour International
Benoit PhilippartLa Tour International


“We asked to create the most natural signing flow to ensure user adaptation. Connective really surpassed our expectations in terms of customer experience and convenience.”


Ronald TackThe Antwerp Police

Experts in Digital Transaction Management

With over 50 million Digital Signatures (eSignatures) and 41 million Smart Documents per year, we accelerate the digital transformation of many organizations within the insurance, financial, governmental, healthcare, accounting, etc. industries.

What’s new?

itsme® is the first app which enables users to sign documents electronically with the highest guarantee of security: qualified! By using an itsme® qualified signature, also called itsme® Sign, you can approve and sign any document entirely by mobile means. The signing method is available in the Connective eSignatures solution via API or within...
sign with eID
Connective announces a coming release of its eSignatures and Identity Hub solutions with support for any smart card (eID), USB token or other hardware (including Wacom tablets for digital signature). Thanks to this innovation, companies can streamline their digital business transactions across borders with our new technology and have access...
Covid-19 - an update from Connective
Dear customer, partner The current situation we are in is exceptional, hence creates some uncertainty. That is why we would like to reassure you that at Connective we are doing everything we can to service you at full capacity. The entire Connective Team is working safely from home and is...

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