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Offer a fully digital, seamless and well-orchestrated customer onboarding journey

What a smooth onboarding looks like

First impressions make a lasting impact, when people come in contact with your organisation. The unique combination of the Identity Services, Smart Documents & eSignatures solution of Connective allows you to offer a fully digital, seamless and well-orchestrated customer onboarding journey – so your customers will enjoy a unique first-user experience.

Customer onboarding
Customer onboarding

of applications completed electronically

Client onboarding

Reduction in administrative handling costs

Customer onboarding

Return on investment

customer onboarding

to process applications

Client Onboarding

Amazing User Experience

With our customer onboarding solution, you significantly reduce your employees’ administrative tasks – enabling them to handle a higher throughput. Your customers, employees and partners also enjoy a much better user experience. The result? You improve customer retention, reduce the costs of regulatory compliance and increase your operational efficiency.

Digital Client onboarding

From days to minutes

A process that can take several days or weeks is now completed in a few minutes. Thanks to our solution, you can build workflows that are designed to optimise and automate every step of the customer onboarding process. This allows your customers to onboard any time, any place and on any device.

Why choose us

Create, send and sign all your documents in one unparalleled digital user experience!

Digital Signatures, Digitale handtekeningen
Digital Transaction Management   Best-in-class user experience
Complete any transaction, anywhere (on location or remote), anytime, via any channel regardless of the device.
Digital Transaction Management   Legal compliance

We know all about eIDAS, ETSI and GDPR. Our solutions comply with the most stringent legal requirements and standards in Europe.

Digital Transaction Management   Smarter working

Increase productivity, organize your sales and services more efficiently, reduce document handling costs and shorten business cycles drastically.

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