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How it all began

Created in 2016, Medelse brings together more than 40,000 medical professionals and over 1,500 healthcare institutions. 

As an innovative online medical and paramedical mission platform, Medelse needed a way for subscribers to electronically sign documents securely and legally. 

Here, Yannick Cenatiempo, CPTO and Associate at Medelse, explains how Connective’s intuitive API integration and eSignatures solution was the perfect match, enabling health professionals and HR managers to digitally sign contracts, expediting the entire process and freeing up time spent on administration.

The challenge

“Medelse is a revolutionary step for the healthcare sector and addresses historic challenges in matching professionals to the urgent demands of healthcare institutions. More recently, we’ve helped finding much needed staff for vaccination centres as the Covid crisis continues.

Our secure platform lets care givers explore a vast range of temporary or flexible positions throughout France and territories overseas. Users can view and manage the positions they accept all in one place, which gives them the freedom to pursue their own career goals in just a few clicks. HR professionals from hospitals, private clinics and nursing homes can also search for candidates that fit their needs. 

Plus, thanks to a robust screening process, qualifications, ID and doctor registration numbers are all rigorously authenticated, so that healthcare institutions can be confident that candidates are properly vetted.

For us, the missing piece of the puzzle was ensuring that all contracts could be securely signed in a legally binding way. In the past, before Medelse, this has been a real issue, especially when it came to short-term and temporary roles – leading to significant risks for healthcare institutions and individuals.”

The solution

“Connective eSignatures was the ideal partner. Not only was their API integration easy and straightforward, Connective already had experience within the healthcare sector.

A significant bonus was that as a fellow European innovator in the technology space, Connective already understood and enacted legislative responsibilities such as GDPR and eIDAS. Crucially, partnering with Connective also meant that we could keep data from candidates and institutions secured– vital to our activities. 

With Connective eSignatures in place, contract signing is now a simple process using one-time passwords via SMS or email. Candidates can click on a link, read, approve and sign agreements there and then, wherever they are, whatever time of day.
What’s more, the integration of eSignatures has allowed us to streamline the entire hiring process, triggering notifications and automatically generating invoices and payments.”

Happy customer

2 minutes

Contract signing now takes 2 minutes
instead of 2 hours in the past. 

What will the future bring?

“Our platform takes away the burden of administration and thanks to Connective eSignatures, we’ve been able to create a genuinely seamless and user-friendly experience for all parties.

We’re delighted that the service has led to changes for medical professionals too and that care providers are now no longer tied to just one role in one organisation. It means professionals have the opportunity to progress personally and professionally and can expand their knowledge in a variety of settings; a long-term advantage that benefits us all.

We hope that we’ll be able to encourage more professionals and institutions to join us and to further the digitisation of healthcare missions.”

Plenty of benefits

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