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The legality of Connective eSignatures

Connective meets and exceeds some of the most stringent international laws and regulations on electronic signatures applicable in the European Union (eIDAS), The United States of America (UETA, ESIGN), Switzerland (ZertES), Singapore and Hong Kong.


eIDAS Regulation

In the European Union, eIDAS regulates the electronic signatures legal landscape. Learn more on how Connective complies to eIDAS in our legal whitepaper. 


USA Regulation

In the USA, the eSignatures legal landscape is regulated by UETA and ESIGN. Learn more on how Connective complies to these regulations in our legal whitepaper. 


ZertES (Swiss law)

In Switzerland, ZertES regulates the conditions in which trust service providers may use certification services with electronic signatures. Connective eSignatures meets the Swiss requirements of electronic signatures.


Hong Kong Law

In Hong Kong, electronic signatures are regulated by the Electronic Transactions Ordinance (Cap.553). Learn more on how Connective complies to Hong Kong law in our legal whitepaper. 


Singapore law

The ETA is legislation that provides for the security and use of electronic transactions in Singapore. Learn more on how Connective complies to Singapore law in our legal whitepaper. 

Terms & Conditions

Whether you are a direct client or a partner, your subscription to Connective’s Services is governed by the applicable Connective terms and conditions and data processing agreement. If you want to become a partner or client, request our Terms and Conditions. 

If you already received our Terms & Conditions and you are looking for more information on how our contract structure works for direct clients, please read our License Terms and Conditions – FAQ. 

Code of Conduct

At Connective we implemented our own Code of Conduct as a baseline
in respect of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Special Terms and Conditions

Depending on the Connective Services you are using or the functionalities activated on your environment, additional Special Terms and Conditions may apply. In such case, the applicable Special Terms and Conditions are attached to your agreement with Connective.

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