Connective eSignatures x Wacom signature pads

The perfect combination for a digital face-to-face signing process

Connective is excited to announce the full integration of Connective eSignatures with Wacom, the leading provider of electronic signature pads.

A seamless integration which combines the digital benefits with the familiar way of on paper and in person signing. With Connective eSignatures and the Wacom signature pads you enable your customers with the familiar, accurate handwritten electronic signatures in all your in-person document workflows.

Say goodbye to inefficient and time-consuming paper administrative tasks when in-person signatures are required.

With Wacom & eSignatures,
you will benefit from following advantages:

Enabling the accurate capture of handwritten signatures digitally in countless F2F scenario’s at POS, counters and desk locations

You can offer your clients the familiar aspect of a traditional ‘wet signature’ while fully digitizing your document flow

Freeing your employees to engage more directly with customers during the transaction

Saving time and paper costs by eliminating extra scanning, printing, sending or archiving afterwards

Your end-to-end signing process will be significantly faster & smoother

Take a look at how Toyota succesfully integrated the Wacom signature pads
for their face-to-face signature process. 

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