Top 4 Advantages of electronic signatures

Advantages of electronic signatures

The use of electronic signatures brings along many advantages of which efficiency, user experience, legal compliance and security are the most important.


The top 4 advantages of electronic signatures:


1. Efficiency

Too often, finalizing a commercial or any other business process can turn into a time-consuming nightmare full of tedious paperwork. Time is spent conducting repetitive administrative tasks rather than achieving effective goals. That is why everybody is trying to optimize the process time by working digitally. Introducing electronic signatures can be another step to accelerate your business.

Within the office you no longer need to:

  • wait for senior managers to return to the office, to obtain their signature;
  • sign, print, scan and manually post a document;
  • manually archive authorised documents;
  • manually verify if the documents have been signed by the right (mandated person).


Towards your customers you can speed up your entire business lifecycle. Digital signatures will:

  • allow you to save time on contract creation;
  • enable everyone inside and outside the organisation to sign any time from any device;
  • streamline the whole approval and signature process and make it error proof;
  • enable the same level of security and trust as with conventional documents;
  • help you close deals faster;


2. User Experience

User experience is a customer’s perception of their interaction with your organisation. It is shaped by the contact moments they have with your company. By leveraging electronic signatures you can improve these interactions. These signatures provide the convenience that documents can be signed everywhere: while they are on holiday, a loan can be made definitive; deals can be closed quickly. Think about a one-time-offer at a fair. Even at your doorstep you can easily confirm the delivery of an order.

Moreover, all kind of devices can be used, which makes digital signing extremely user friendly. No more piles of paper to initial or paper work to archive. Just send the contract by e-mail (automatically or manually) and get the deal closed within minutes.


3. Legal Compliance

In recent years, most countries worldwide have adopted legislation and regulations that recognise the legality of digital signatures and deem it a binding signature. In Europe, thanks to the eIDAS regulation, we have a legal platform, that allows the cross border usage and validation of electronic signatures. Under this regulation all signature types are treated equally in court.

Digital signatures provide authenticity and ensure that the signer´s identity is verified. This can stand in any court of law like any other signed paper document. By choosing a solution that is compliant to the relevant regulation, you ensure yourself to be compliant to these legal requirements.


4. Security

When it comes to signatures, authenticity and security are priorities. Each type of electronic signature is already more secure than a manual signature on paper. Certainly in case of a digital signature. Thanks to the encryption of the document, you have the guarantee that the document remained unchanged after signing. With a digital signature you also always sign the whole lot of documents. There is no risk that some pages have been added or removed afterwards.

Digital signatures are also efficient in a way that they are less error prone. Manual checks are a higher risk than automated processes.

Another advantage with regards to security, is that electronic signatures allow you to set up an administration of consents, which is mandatory under GDPR law. Depending on the type of security required, you can adjust the level. Do you need somebody to sign in for a newsletter or for a $ 100.000 contract? In the last case you want to be sure about the identity of the mandated person.
The technical transfer of signatures differ in security level. When high security is needed, you can include encryption. By applying the right level, you can find the right balance between user friendliness and security.


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