Strategic partnership Connective & Electronic ID to expand Digital Identity worldwide

Electronic ID

We are partnering up with Electronic ID, a leading Identity verification solution provider. The purpose of this partnership is to expand the reach of Electronic ID´s solution in the market while we can further develop Connective´s digital identity and signature offering worldwide.


The relevance of Video Identification

Since many years, Software Vendor Electronic ID, is disrupting the customer onboarding industry through its Video Identification solutions. In 2017 Gartner even named Electronic ID Cool Vendor because of their creation of a new internet category services for video identification.

The VideoID Solution of Electronic ID is revolutionary for many reasons. As many countries don´t have an electronic identity card or any other form of digital ID, VideoID can offer a way out. It identifies people by video in real time with the same level of security and legal compliance as face-to-face identification. Moreover, their solution is fully compliant with the most stringent regulations such as European AML or eIDAS. In the end it results in the verification of a digital identity that can vary from a Low to Substantial and even a High level of assurance according to eIDAS. In addition, Electronic ID is a European Qualified Trusted Service Provider an issuing personal certificates and link it to digital identities. These certificates enable the holder of the digital identity to be remotely authenticated or to create a legal advanced electronic signature.


Partnership Connective x Electronic ID

The partnership between Connective and Electronic ID is twofold: In a first phase, we will plugin video identification of Electronic ID into our Identity Hub. This way we expand our Identity solution with a more globally accepted identification method.

“At Connective we strongly focus on our “Glocal” strategy meaning that we offer both worldwide and local identification and signing solutions. With the addition of Electronic IDs´ Video identification solutions we add next to the local eID´s a more globally accepted identification method.” explains Nicolas Metivier, CEO at Connective.

After identification, this identity can be used to sign any document with an advanced electronic signature. We will roll out this part of our partnership, which includes electronic signatures via video identification, in a second phase.

“We are happy to conclude this partnership with Connective. The timing is perfect and we believe this is going to boost our market expansion in the European market and beyond.”

Iván Nabalón – CEO at Electronic ID

Filip Verreth proudly states “The solution of Electronic ID is very user friendly and works perfectly both on mobile as on desktop. We chose a mature solution that already is a great reference in the market. This mature solution was a great reference in Europa and even far beyond.”

Last year has become a real turning point. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced companies, consumers, employees to digitize fully and quickly to be able to maintain business continuity. At a rapid pace they had to change their digital habits and adopt new ones. Digital identification has become indispensable when it comes to keep business moving in a remote world. For this reason and many others there is a huge market opportunity when it comes to video Identification.

“We are happy to conclude this partnership with Connective. The timing is perfect and we believe that this is going to boost our market expansion in the European market and beyond.” Concludes Iván Nabalón, CEO at Electronic ID.


About Electronic ID

eID is the world’s leading provider of remote user iDentification systems via streaming video. Born in 2013 as a software manufacturer in the Regulatory Technology (RegTech) field, it created and patented VideoID, which is the only identifies the user in seconds and offers the same level of security than the face-to-face iDentification made in a commercial office. eID operates within five continents, being a game changer in relation to the experience of customers in industries which require a high level of security in eID and contracting. More information on


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