Signing documents digitally on your Xerox printer


As from today, Mywork E-sign is available on the Xerox e-commerce platform. This new application enables electronic signatures on all Xerox printers.  To create the electronic signatures solution, Myworkplatform, who is a certified Xerox developer, has chosen to integrate Connective eSignatures.


Your Xerox printer as a digital enabler

In this expanding digital world, companies are investing significant resources in the digital transformation of their operations in order to optimize and secure the flow of documents and information throughout the organization. Huge steps have already been made, nevertheless many documents such as contracts, invoices, receipts and many more still reside on paper. For many companies moving these documents to the cloud remains a big challenge and a burden.

In that context Xerox, thought about how traditional printing companies could assist in the innovation of their clients which became a major part of their strategy. So, they reinvented themselves and enlarged their portfolio of services in order to complement their paper services with digital services, as such improving workflows within many organizations. The latest addition to their innovative offering is the Mywork E-sign solution, developed by Myworkplatform. This functionality allows any company with a Xerox printer to scan paper documents and immediately sign these documents digitally on their Xerox device. A huge effort saver, which will for sure help the Xerox clients to digitize any document still received on paper.

Guillaume Tilleul, CEO of Myworkplatform proudly explains:

“Despite the rise in popularity of digital documents, printing solutions are often very obsolete. Xerox is now the first company in the world to offer such an innovative solution to sign documents digitally on a printer.”



How does it work?

As of today, the Mywork E-Sign application will be available in the Xerox App Gallery for download. After downloading, the new e-signature application will automatically be installed on the Xerox printer. Ready to use in a 1-2-3 set-up.

When receiving a paper document, it can easily be scanned on the Xerox printer. The employee will have the choice to immediately sign the document in the Mywork E-Sign application or he can send it out for signature to one or more signers. In the Mywork E-sign application, different signing methods with various security levels can be chosen depending on the type of documents, the given user experience and the associated risks.

As a result, there is no need any more to manually sign, scan and print documents. The complete signature flow is managed digitally from the Xerox printer and the signed documents can be immediately archived in the cloud.

This innovative solution is available for small and medium-sized businesses as well as large companies. Myworkplatform also offers a set of professional services to integrate the electronic signature in your signature flows directly by using the Myworkplatform webservices.


Mywork E-sign was developed in close collaboration with Connective

For the Mywork E-sign functionality, Myworkplatform chose to use Connective eSignatures.

“The eSignatures solution of Connective meets and exceeds some of the most stringent USA, EU, and global security standards: GDPR, eIDAS, UETA Act, e-Sign Act. That way we can ensure that the documents cannot be altered with or falsified. Nevertheless, Connective always builds their solutions with user experience at the core, allowing us to offer the highest level of security without compromising on usability.” concludes Guillaume Tilleul.

Magali Biron, Head of Alliances & Marketing agrees:

“At Connective it is all about enabling our clients and providing them with the right solutions to realize their digital transformation, a vision we share with Myworkplatform and Xerox. The launch of Mywork E-Sign fully matches this vision as it allows all Xerox´ clients to digitally sign their documents with a legally binding signature, all from their printer.”

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