Rise & Sign – An informative session on digital signatures

Rise & Sign - Digital Signatures

Last Tuesday, we invited our clients to attend Rise & Sign, a breakfast seminar on eSignatures, Connective’s user-friendly solution for digital signatures.

This initiative originated from the interest and questions we received from our clients that already use eSignatures in various business processes. These questions vary from regular usage of the eSignatures platform to more technical questions on the integration of the API into the client’s software, CRM or other connectors.

In short, all our customers are delighted about the features we have implemented, but they likewise had some suggestions for coming releases. At Connective, we have a customer first mentality, so we found it more than important to be aware of all features that could potentially be beneficial to the current workflow of our clients.

This was the perfect indication for us to come up with an event where our clients could get an answer on any question they might have and gather all the information they were looking for. And so, after a bit of creative brainstorming, our Rise & Sign event was born!

The setup of the event was simple: invite our clients to a straightforward, informative session without taking up too much of their precious time. As the event was mid-week, we decided to invite them first thing in the morning and provide them with a nice breakfast and a cup of coffee. You don’t want your clients attending tired and hungry, right?

Thanks to Microsoft, one of our trusted and valued partners, we had the opportunity to host our event in a beautiful conference room of the Microsoft building near Brussels Airport.

Emmanuelle Herpels, our Customer Relationship Manager, kicked off the session by presenting a clear overview of our digital signature solution and some interesting facts & figures. Did you know for instance that Connective eSignatures generates over 100 million digital signatures per year? An impressive amount!

Emmanuelle continued by going into detail on the user experience. After all, everyone wants a solution that contains all the necessary features, offers numerous signing methods including qualified digital signatures and, on top of that, is user-friendly, every step of the way.

As we think user experience is key in our eSignatures solution, Emmanuelle gave a live demo on how to use our solution in combination with itsme®, a free app that allows you to securely log in, register, sign and pay in various online apps using a single PIN of your choice. As Connective offers advanced and qualified signing methods through the itsme® application, we thought it was of high importance that our clients got a clear introduction. This way, they are able to use it and allow their end-users to benefit from it as well.

Next topic was the legal value of eSignatures. As our client portfolio consists of banks, financial institutions, lawyers, notaries and so on, our solution needs to be 100% legally compliant, and that’s the case. Connective eSignatures is fully compliant with eIDAS (Europe) and the UETA & eSIGN acts (United States). We even had DLA Piper, an esteemed US Law Firm, match our solution to the most stringent standards. You can find the result in our latest White Paper.

Next we presented a few very useful use cases to our clients so they could get an insight into how other companies use our solution and how they’ve successfully implemented it as part of their company DNA.

The last part of presentation consisted of a deeper look into our road map for our digital signature solution. We wanted to show that our clients’ feedback is crucial to us and we try our best to listen and incorporate useful feature requests that we’ve received over the years, beneficial to everyone!

We closed up this exciting first-time event with a brief overview of the benefits of signing digitally. It speaks for itself that a solution as eSignatures drastically decreases your time to sign, your costs of signing and the use of paper. Saving time, money and thinking about the environment, it can be done.

After a very informative , interactive Q&A session with our clients where they could ask all kinds of questions and go into dialogue with the Connective team and each other, we kindly sent them home (or to their offices anyway) with a ton of useful knowledge on Connective eSignatures and hopefully a smile on their faces.


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