GDPR Webinar

Download: GDPR Webinar Recording and Slides

GDPR, how to be compliant… Every European company, small, medium or large is facing the same challenge today, GDPR. This regulation describes strict requirements for all European companies and organizations on collecting, storing, processing and managing personal data. Many companies do not know exactly how they need to adopt their…


The way we look at identity will change

More and more transactions take place online and as a consequence e-identity services will follow suit. Nevertheless, when it comes to valuable or trust-based transactions we often revert to paperwork and an offline ID to be sure of the other person’s identity and legal status.

David Birch


On the 28th of September 2017 we hosted our yearly user, prospect & partner event CONNECT17 and we can simply state that it was a blast. For the occasion we invited several experts including David Birch, Jørgen Woortman of Microsoft and Kris De Ryck of BMID (itsme®).