David Birch

On the 28th of September 2017 we hosted our yearly user, prospect & partner event CONNECT17 and we can simply state that it was a blast. For the occasion we invited several experts including David Birch, Jørgen Woortman of Microsoft and Kris De Ryck of BMID (itsme®). We are more than thankful that we could spend time reconnecting with you, our stakeholders and hope you enjoyed the presentations and the rest of the event as much as we did.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, we wanted to give you a brief overview of how the day unfolded.



First we had an interesting speaker slot from a Microsoft expert on GDPR. Although, we all realize that the journey to GDPR may seem challenging, we are sure Jørgen Woortman of Microsoft provided our audience with the right steps to prepare themselves to be ready for May 2018. So gear up, download his presentation below and make sure you are ready.


La Tour International

Next to that, we were more than honored to have our customers Benoit Philipart, Alexandre Marion and Nicolas Cys from La Tour International, one of the leading international legal offices all the way over from France. They brought us a very interesting success story on how they implemented eSignatures in their business and explained us in a few clear statements, what it has brought in value to them, more specifically within an eIDAS context. eIDAS being the European legislation around Trust Services and Digital signatures.


David Birch

Unquestionably the presence of David Birch did not get unnoticed either. We had the unique chance to shake hands with this renowned TED speaker and author of the best-seller “Identity is the New Money”. During his speech he really made us think differently about digital identity by means of the ‘Three Domain Model’. Thanks to David Birch we are now up to speed with the newest trends in the domain of digital identity.


Itsme®, the reference for Mobile Identity

Last but not least, we would also like to take this opportunity to emphasize how glad we are that we could announce our partnership with Belgian Mobile ID (BMID), the company behind the app itsme®.
This app, created by Belgium´s four major banks and mobile network operators, offers all Belgian citizens with the unique opportunity to get a mobile ID on their smartphone. itsme® replaces the laundry list of passwords, user names, tokens and card readers with an intuitive application to access a wide range of services online. This ultra-secured solution uses a unique combination between your mobile phone, your SIM card, your own bio-metrics and your personal itsme® code. From now on your taxes are just one click away.
Creating an itsme® account is quite easy. You can easily on-board by authenticating at your bank, or by using your eID card. For this last identification means, Connective is more than proud to announce BMID chose to integrate the intuitive and secure Connective Identity Services solution.
Not only will Connective and BMID work strategically together in the domains of onboarding and identity registration, we will also continue this strategic cooperation by integrating qualified digital signatures in the itsme® application. Both companies are so exited about the cooperation that we are discussing plans to jointly internationalise this groundbreaking solution into the rest of the European market.

For those who couldn’t join us, we would love to share the presentation slides of David Birch, Jørgen Woortman, Itsme® and La Tour International with you. We sincerely hope you could make it next year!


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