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How it all began

As part of their digital transformation strategy, Proximus was looking for an electronic signing solution that could be fully integrated into Salesforce. Martijn Graumans, Salesforce Product Owner at Proximus, found Connective eSignatures to be a very user-friendly and efficient tool for signing all their B2B documents, directly within their CRM.

The challenge

“For all our sales processes, either direct or via our partners, quite a lot of contracts and other documents are mailed back and forth, and in some cases, they’re still sent by post. This varies from mobile agreements and terminations to large corporate contracts and so forth. Many of these documents require a signature from both the seller and the client, and often a signature on each page. That’s quite an exploit since documents of more than 40 pages are run-of-the-mill at Proximus.

As a result, signing documents was often slow, cumbersome and not always flawless. When scanning paper documents, sections frequently became unreadable. 

That’s why we had to look for a digital, user-friendly and time-saving alternative. After an intensive RFP process, we eventually chose eSignatures, Connective’s digital signing solution.” tells Martijn. 

The solution

“The price-quality ratio and the fact that they offer itsme® Sign were crucial in the selection of Connective eSignatures. Our signing methods include a manual scribble, SMS OTP, e-mail OTP and itsme® Sign. The last one serves as a qualified digital signature and is required when signing our agency contracts with our partners,” says Martijn. 

Jérémie Daels, Business Spoc for Indirect Sales: “The switch to digital signing requires quite some effort on our part. For example, we had to digitize our documents. And to promote the switch from paper to digital, we launched a digital training session to answer all the users’ questions and concerns. We used an incentive to motivate our partners and sellers to switch to digital signatures.” 

“And those efforts paid off rather quickly. Since the training session, 1200 documents have been sent for a digital signature in two months’ time” concludes Martijn. 

Wim Van Mele, Account Manager at ARC (a Proximus sales partner) confirms this: “I use the digital signing solution for any document that requires a signature. Thanks to Connective eSignatures, my documents are signed accurately and more quickly. The whole process, from drawing up the document to procuring the last signature, could sometimes take days or even weeks. Now I often get the signed documents back the same day.”

Happy customer

Real numbers, real results


documents were sent out for an electronic signature within just the 2 first months. 

1 day

Proximus went from a turnaround time of sometimes one week or more to one day at best.

What will the future bring?

“There is another interesting project in the making. Our current ISDN technology will be replaced with fiber. This will impact 2000 clients since their contracts have to be renewed. To speed up and automate this signing process, we will work with Connective once again to upload the contracts in bulk and send them for signing automatically.” concludes Martijn. 

Plenty of benefits

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