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Sign any document easily by identifying yourself with FranceConnect

Connective is the first to integrate FranceConnect into their electronic signatures solution to sign documents electronically. Secure any transaction by identifying your signers with FranceConnect in a safe and user friendly way. 

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Sign in just a few click and save valuable time

Use your verified identities (Ameli, Mobile Connect et Moi, impots.gouv.fr, l´identité numérique of la Poste, MSA and soon Alicem) via FranceConnect to sign your documents electronically. 

Comply with stringent

The signing method using FranceConnect complies with strict regulations including eIDAS, GDPR,… 

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Get access to + 18 million

Today, FranceConnect has more than 18 million unique users that can sign documents electronically via Connective eSignatures.

How to sign with FranceConnect?

In just a few clicks you have your documents signed with the ease of the FranceConnect button. Your users can easily identify themselves with an existing verified identity whereupon it will be used to sign the document. It not only simplifies the user´s life it also creates a higher level of trust.

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Prepare your documents

Prepare your documents for signing and select FranceConnect as a signing method. You can combine this with one or more signing methods to give your signer the choice. 

FranceConnect Preparer
FranceConnect Signer

Send to signer

In just a few clicks your documents are ready to be signed. Your signers receive an email with a signing link. A screen pops ups where the signer can go through the document and start the signing method with FranceConnect. 


Signer chooses a verified identity from FranceConnect

You signers choose the account they know and have in FranceConnect. They can choose from: impots.gouv.fr, ameli.fr, l’Identité Numérique La Poste, MobileConnect et moi, msa.fr and Alicem (soon available).

FranceConnect - Choose account screen
FranceConnect - welcome screen

Sign with FranceConnect

The signer will be redirected to the connection page of the identification method where he can fill in his credentials. After validating the identity will be used to sign the documents within Connective eSignatures.

Use your identifiers of FranceConnect to sign your documents

Thanks to the integration of FranceConnect in Connective eSignatures, all your signers can use their credentials from their existing accounts in FranceConnect to sign documents.

Integrated in the most innovative and agile electronic signature solution.

More than an access to your public services platforms

Since 2018, FranceConnect is also officially open to private companies. As a result, this solution can be used by many more applications than simply connecting to government platforms. Thanks to the integration in Connective eSignatures, the possibilities are even more extensive. The entire subscription process, from identification to signing documents, can now fully happen digitally via FranceConnect.

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Real Estate
Health Care


FranceConnect is a solution proposed by the French state to secure and simplify the onboarding and connection to more than 700 online services. More info available at: https://franceconnect.gouv.fr

Source: FranceConnect

If you are a client, contact us to add this signature method to your Connective solution.

If you are not yet a Connective client? Please contact us and we will be happy to show you the solution and benefits of FranceConnect.

Signing documents with FranceConnect is very simple. First the initiator prepares the documents and selects FranceConnect as a signing method. 

In just a few clicks the document is prepared and a link is sent to the signer(s).

When the signers opens the link, a screen pops up with the to be signed document. The signers has to read through the document and clicks the signing button. 

When signing with FranceConnect, the signer will be redirected to the identification page where he can choose between the different authentifiers (impots.gouv.fr, ameli.fr, l’Identité Numérique La Poste, MobileConnect et moi, msa.fr, Alicem (soon available) that are available within FranceConnect. Afterwards, FranceConnect redirects you to the connection page where you will need to fill in your identifiers. After validation of these identifiers, you will be redirected again to Connective eSignatures and you documents will be signed. 

In 2021 FranceConnect is foreseeing to add new identity providers like Alicem for example. 

Your signers will have an account on FranceConnect. If this is not the case, you will find more information about how to create an account on:  


Mid-2021, the French government will launch the electronic national identity card, in credit card format and incorporating biometric data. This CNIE should also serve as a means of identification for FranceConnect.

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