A 360° verification of the
validity of your electronic signatures​

Automatically verify the validity of your electronic signatures, the integrity of your
digitally signed documents, according to the eIDAS regulation. 

Be 100% sure that signatures and seals on signed documents are valid

Thanks to the Electronic Signatures Validation Service of Connective you can check whether the Certification Authority that issued the certificate is trusted, if the signer’s digital certificate is valid and that the signed information has not been altered after an electronic signature.

Electronic Signature Validation-Service

How does the validation process work?


Send for validation

After an electronic signature, a document or a pile of documents is sent to the Connective Electronic Signatures Validation Service

Send for electronic signature validation
Validation electronic signature


Electronic signature validation check

An automatic check will be done and a report will be created that shows the validity of the electronic signature(s) including:



Based on what your company has foreseen as workflow, documents can for instance be sent to an archive after a successful validation or sent back to the initiator if an electronic signature is not valid and much more. 

Workflow after validation

When is an Electronic Signatures Validation Check useful?

The advantages of the
Electronic Signatures Validation Service

Validate large volumes of signed documents
in one go

Handling massive volumes of documents every day? With our Validation Service you can upload them all at once and check the validity of the electronic signatures in one process. 

Integrated into your workflows

Via an easy API, our Electronic Signatures Validation Service can be integrated in the internal flows and procedures of any organsation. It simplifies and automates the verification of any electronic signature. 


Connective is certified as Trust Service provider, so you may rest assured that our validation is compliant to eIDAS and ETSI Standards. 

Please find more detailed information here.


By using a Electronic Signatures Validation Service, you´ ll receive a report showing the results of the performed validation. This is your proof that the signature or seals were valid from the time of the creation until the moment of validation. 

Start using the Connective Electronic Signature Validation Service