Do business any place and anytime,
in a fully digital way.​

With our Identity Hub, eSignatures and Smart Documents solutions, you streamline your digital transactions across borders and transform any paper-based customer journey (e.g. digital onboarding, KYC and contract management) into an unparalleled digital user experience.

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Digital signatures

Avoid losing time and using paper. Offer your customers a user-friendly way for digitally signing all types of documents. Compliant with all rules and regulations (eIDAS, UETA, eSIGN).

Identity Hub

Digital identification

Easily verify who’s on the other side of the deal. Identify your customers with the most versatile & trustworthy solution for digital identification. It’s all about trust.

Smart Documents

Document generation

Design, manage and personalize all your business documents in one central platform that doesn’t require any programming. A flexible, efficient and cost-effective all-in-one solution.

Here's what our clients say about our products & services


The time, cost and efficiency gains using digital signatures are enormous. We use the Connective tools for this. A reliable partner in this step towards further digitization. 

Karen Braeckmans

CEO Monard Law


Since Connective was already well present within the Belgian banking ecosystem and many other industries in terms of identity services and digital signatures, we were instantly convinced that working with them would be the right thing to do.

Kris De Ryck

Former CEO Itsme (BMID)

Our experience with the Connective Team was excellent. Not only did they support us during the entire deployment process, they also helped us during the change management project that involved the stakeholders of all firms. I recommend Connective because of the usability of the entire solution, but also because of the team that did a great job and closely followed up on the implementation of the eSignatures solution.

Laurent Lebar

Certified Public Accountant and responsible for business strategy
at France Défi

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