Connective eSignatures integrated into Doccle’s archiving solution

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Connective and online digital vault expert, Doccle, have joined forces to fully digitise administration. Our combined technologies aim to revolutionise the way we all sign, store and manage documents enabling customers to stay organised and save time.


Streamlining admin through technology

With more than two million subscribers, Doccle is Belgium’s largest digital administration platform. From contracts to payslips, customers can use the service to receive, pay, share and store documents efficiently and most importantly, securely.

In fact, Doccle’s e-solutions have proven so effective, it’s estimated that customers save an average of 31 hours a year managing their admin. The platform also automatically stores all documents for their respective legal retention period (with the ability to extend this if needed).

Despite giving customers back more than a day in lost admin time, Doccle wanted to consolidate and improve their offer. Their goal was to completely streamline the administrative journey both online and mobile, making digital administration with any organisation as easy as possible. To achieve this, Doccle wanted to replace their electronic signature tool with a more innovative and mobile-friendly solution.


Joining the dots

Instead of further investing in their own existing electronic signatures solution, Doccle wanted to collaborate with an established provider. As a fellow innovator in digital solutions and providing the most established and technologically advanced offer, Connective was a natural partner.

Moreover, our strong integration with the signing solution of itsme®, means that the combined technologies of Doccle and Connective can give customers a 100% digital and mobile solution.

Bringing together Connective’s eSignatures solution and Doccle’s archiving technology also fulfils a joint philosophy – to simplify user experiences. After all, what could be simpler than receiving, signing and storing all your documents in one place.

In fact, at Connective, we believe that our joint technologies have the power to transform the entire administrative process and make all of us rethink the way we deal with ‘paperwork’.


Innovation, trust, and accessibility are at the heart of everything we do which is why we’re delighted to partner with Connective who share our passion for innovative technology that puts the security of individuals and businesses first.

Bram Lerouge – CEO at Doccle


Announcing the partnership, Chief Executive Officer of Doccle, Bram Lerouge, declared:

“As the largest aggregator of digital vaults in Belgium, the stakes are always high as we continually strive to improve the experiences of all our users.

Innovation, trust, and accessibility are at the heart of everything we do which is why we’re delighted to partner with Connective who share our passion for innovative technology that puts the security of individuals and businesses first.

Integrating Connective’s state of the art electronic signatures solution into the Doccle platform offers both of us an opportunity to further improve the services we offer.

We hope that by streamlining the process and making the entire journey easier than ever, we can encourage more and more people to manage all their essential correspondence digitally.”


Chief Commercial Officer at Connective, Fabrice Offret goes on to add:

“As fellow champions of innovative technology, Connective is thrilled to partner with Doccle. Through our combined skills, knowledge and expertise, we can truly digitise administration.

Integrating our electronic signatures solution with Doccle, finally means that users can complete the entire administrative process online. Joining up our services isn’t just a practical next step, it also has the potential to revolutionise the way we handle personal and business documentation.”


Leading the way in security, compliance and future governance

Adhering to security and compliance legislation remains a key priority for both Connective and Doccle. Customers can be confident that Connective’s platform meets the most stringent regulations, including GDPR, eIDAS, UETA & ESIGN Act and ZertES.

Not only that, Doccle (ISO 9001 and 27001 certified) has led the way in establishing guidelines for document archiving where currently none exist. There is hope that these principles will be adopted into future eIDAS frameworks and set the governance standards for the industry.


About our new partner Doccle

As the largest digital vault aggregator in Belgium, Doccle works with a number of leading organisations from a huge variety of sectors. From human resources, health insurance, banking and retail, Doccle leads the way in document management.

Doccle receives their income from participating businesses and has promised that services will always be free for its users.


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