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Partnership-Connective-&-7Bulls & Connective conclude partnership to accelerate growth of digital signatures in Central and Eastern Europe

As of 2019 Connective will be partnering up with software house The strategic partnership is twofold: it includes both the distribution as the further innovation and development of Connective’s electronic signatures solution with Central and Eastern Europe as target.


Distribution to Eastern Europe

According to their partnership agreement is entitled to use and distribute Connective’s digital signatures (eSignatures) solution on the Central and Eastern European market. The company currently has two offices in Poland, in Warsaw and Torun. Their main clients are financial institutions, as well as fintech and insurance companies. To better serve the needs of these industries they were actively seeking for a suitable electronic signatures solution which they found in Connective’s eSignatures solution. will embed Connective eSignatures in her software solutions.


Development of digital signatures

As is an experienced and knowledgeable software development center, they will further enhance Connective’s digital signatures solution to integrate new features especially for the Central and Eastern Europe Market. By integrating the solution in their own software, they will familiarize themselves with it and be the perfect party to develop and adapt it to the local markets and needs of Central and Eastern Europe. In the first years they will mainly focus financial organisations. At a later stage is aiming at expanding their activities to other promising verticals, like telco, retail…. As for Connective, this partnership with will provide them with some fresh thinking and ideas straight of the Central and East European market. This way, they can act proactively and stay ahead in the market of digital signatures, allowing them to become a mere product innovator. A win-win for all parties.



This partnership is a logical step in the ambitions of both parties. In the last 2 years, Connective invested a lot in South European expansion, opening an office in France and concluding several deals such as Pirelli in Italy. In Q2 2019 another office will be opened in Spain. After this fruitful growth in Southern Europe, Connective thought it was the ideal moment to enter the Eastern European market. As for they were very happy to have found a reliable partner and digital signatures solution to further service their financial clients. Konrad Wawruch, board member of and responsible for business development, explains:

“ wants to focus on innovative projects, both domestically and abroad. For a long time, manual work was cheaper in Poland which impeded the need for innovation. As this is slowly changing, this is the right time for us to bring smart digital solutions to our clients.”

Konrad Wawruch, board member of


A partnership built on trust

Both parties know what to expect from each other, as Nicolas Metivier, CEO of Connective and Konrad Wawruch worked together before in another successful project. Nicolas Metivier says:

“This partnership is built on trust, which is crucial in a successful relationship.”


Nicolas Metivier, CEO at Connective


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