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Toyota electronic signatures

Toyota, one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers, continuously aims to stay ahead on innovation. One of their key concerns is to offer their customers a unique user experience during the end-to-end process of buying a car. The classic paper process includes several administrative and regulatory burdens related to onboarding a new client or getting the contracts signed. As Toyota strives to be a green and paperless company, they recently decided to digitise all customer relationships by adding digital signatures as a new service to their environmental minded customers.


Challenges for Toyota

Buying or renting a car brings along many different document related actions going from completing order forms, insurance contracts, payment forms to name a few. Managing and tracking all these contracts and the chase for signatures could thus become very burdensome, time consuming and stressful. To make life easier of both the Toyota car dealers and their customers, Toyota integrated Connective eSignatures in their CRM portal ‘Sales Power’. Thanks to the eSignatures solution there is no longer a need to print contracts, copy them, fax/courier/post them, scanthem when returned and then archive them in a filing cabinet. The end-to-end digitisation of this process, allows Toyota to save a lot of important time and money which can consequently be spent on better serving their clients.


Choice of signing methods

As all documents related to selling cars are high value transactions, they wanted to offer the highest level of security to their clients. That is why today Toyota chose to offer their clients the possibility to sign documents with a qualified digital signature making use of the Belgian eID (.beID) for remote scenarios. For face to face scenario’s, they also made Wacom tablets available which clients can use to sign their contracts. While the Toyota dealer is in charge of the identification of its customers, this signing method is intuitively close to wet signatures on paper and ensures the customer adoption rate of digital signatures in the branches.

Following testimonial of Timothy Manuel, CEO at Toyota, explains why they chose Connective eSignatures.


What´s in it for Toyota?

Toyota experiences some outstanding benefits in the following 3 main areas:

First of all ‘Workflow Efficiency’. With lesser delays, digital signatures ensure a drastically increased efficiency in workflows. Today only one signature action is needed to sign all the documents going from order forms to insurance contracts. Even if several documents need to be signed, the customer can easily sign them all at once. Features like email notifications to remind customers to sign, status tracking, and more helps Toyota to speed up the process drastically.

Secondly they see a big advantage in ‘security’. By implementing digital signatures they ensure that their documents cannot be altered after signature without being noticed. Time stamping, on the other hand, provides the date and time of the signature and thus provides Toyota with a track of the document, minimising any risk of tampering or fraud.

And last but not least is without any doubt ‘Customer experience’. The eSignatures solution of Connective not only presents Toyota’s customers with a great user interface, it also gives them the flexibility to sign their documents anywhere at any time, basically when they feel like engaging with the company. The sum of the above resulted in Toyota´s services being far more easy, quick and user – friendly for their customers.



Timothy Manual concludes: “Together with our partner Connective, we could easily integrate the eSignatures tool into the ‘Sales Power’ platform. Thanks to an easy and straightforward API of Connective this entire process went very fast and extremely smooth.”


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