Download Gratis Whitepaper | Digitale identiteit: waar staan we vandaag en hoe ziet de toekomst eruit?

Digital Identity Whitepaper

Digital Identity: where are we today and how will it evolve?

Thanks to the Internet, the world is increasingly connected. People have instant access to an endless supply of information and entertainment. The efficiency levels we are able to achieve are unprecedented. But the Internet also comes with a range of challenges, one of which is digital identification. Today, physical documents can no longer be the only method of identification. We need a more flexible, efficient equivalent: a digital means to identify ourselves.

But the process of adapting to a digital world has been cumbersome. In the past few years, it has felt like we were back to when the car was first built. We often wondered if we were actually at the beginning of the digital identity era.

We interviewed nine experts, asking them the same five questions.

  • What are the current challenges regarding digital identification and authentication?
  • How should we feel about centralised and decentralised digital identities and what will the future look like?
  • How does AI shape the identity landscape?
  • What should change if we want the future of digital identity and digital identification to look hopeful?
  • Which digital identification trends can we expect in the next five years?

In this whitepaper includes the main insights gained from these interviews. Download the whitepaper now and discover where we are today on digital identity.

Download our Digital Identity whitepaper

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