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Itsme Sign Connective

itsme® is the first app which enables users to sign documents electronically with the highest guarantee of security: qualified! By using an itsme® qualified signature, also called itsme® Sign, you can approve and sign any document entirely by mobile means.

The signing method is available in the Connective eSignatures solution via API or within the standalone Cloud platform. This way Connective allows you to sign your documents via your smartphone in a qualified way. Are you already a customer and want to get more out the the itsme® Sign? Or are you interested in activating the signing method in your eSignatures solution? Download the webinar and learn:

  the benefits of itsme® Sign at a glance.

  how ENGIE Benelux signs their HR contracts with itsme® Sign. (Reference case).

  how American Express offers an end-to-end digital process for acquiring any of their credit cards. (Reference Case).

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Connective eSignatures is nu Nitro Sign Premium

Connective is nu onderdeel van Nitro. Dit domein wordt weldra gedeactiveerd. Ga naar en blijf op de hoogte van de nieuwste updates en features van Nitro Sign Premium (voorheen Connective eSignatures).