eSignatures, France Défi

France Défi (ac)counts on Connective eSignatures

Thanks to France Défi – the first independent Accounting firm network in France – hundreds of affiliated agencies and their employees and customers can now start (ac)counting on the Connective eSignatures solution. France Défi provides a platform for independent accounting firms of different sizes (varying from 1 to 450 employees)….

GDPR Webinar

Download: GDPR Webinar Recording and Slides

Every European company, small, medium or large is facing the same challenge today, GDPR. This regulation describes strict requirements for all European companies and organizations on collecting, storing, processing and managing personal data. Many companies do not know exactly how they need to adopt their existing processes, what they need…

Identity services

The way we look at identity will change

More and more transactions take place online and as a consequence identity services will follow suit. Nevertheless, when it comes to valuable or trust-based transactions we often revert to paperwork and an offline ID to be sure of the other person’s identity and legal status.