KPD Construction Software

Manage all your digital signing processes directly from KPD WIC

KPD WIC (Werf Information Center) centralizes your site management and makes it accessible to all employees of your construction company.

They can consult the tool flexibly from their PC, laptop or mobile device. Thanks to the centralized document management, you can quickly find e-mails, technical data sheets, contracts or other documents.

Therefore you always have all the required documents to guarantee the quality of the work and safety on the site.

Thanks to the smart integration of Connective eSignatures, from now on you can sign any document completely digitally and securely with a qualified electronic signature!

One unified signing process
in your favorite KPD tool!

Prepare your documents, determine where the signing fields should be and send them out for signing. Moreover, you can easily follow up the status of your documents in a handy overview.
Archiving of your documents is done automatically in KPD WIC!

The key features in a row

Make your every processes easier without ever leaving your favorite tools


Send an invitation to any of your Salesforce contacts and let them sign any document digitally using Connective eSignatures.

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Sign any type of real estate documents (inventory of fixtures, interventions…) with Connective eSignatures and Aareon.



Finalize the digitalization of your business processes with Connective eSignatures and M-Files, a full-blown intelligent information management solution.

Start using digital signatures for KPD Construction Software today

And get your documents signed in no time!