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Alfresco electronic signatures

Electronic signatures
for Alfresco.

A seamless integration to legally
sign your documents

With the Xenit Electronic Signature Connector for Alfresco, you can digitally sign your documents or have them signed by others.

You can easily manage approvals, mandates, signing methods, signing orders, legal notices, expiry dates and more… all while being fully compliant with the eIDAS regulation. 

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Lower the costs and improve efficiency

By transforming from paper-based processes to digital, online workflows, you are working more efficiently and you’re spending less budget on ressources and manpower.

Connective’s eSignatures functionalities can be integrated into your own web applications via the flexible and fully functional Application Programming Interface (API). So any desired functionality can be automated in the background, guaranteeing a seamless integration with your own customer portal.


How do you secure an electronic signature?

Watch the webinar, hosted by Xenit & Connective, to learn about: 

  • The legal framework for remote signing and eArchiving
  • Building user-friendly & advanced solutions for identification, digital signing and eArchiving
  • Digital signatures, online archiving & document management: an effective solution to preserve and manage your data

A wide range of identification & signing methods

Through one single point of integration Connective’s digital signature solution offers you plenty of identity methods & other signing methods that are available to digitally sign documents.

This includes a wide range of European eID-schemes that are compliant with the eIDAS Regulation.

Key features

The key features in a row

Start using digital signatures for Alfresco today

and sign your documents digitally with a legally valid signature in no time!